Rohit Dua

Rohit Dua

Tarot Expert
I have been doing tarot readings since 1999. I do blind tarot readings which means I don't need your personal details. All I need is your name when you call. People have multiple names, pet names or names which are used by their relatives and names which define them at their professional space. I only need one name, any that you are comfortable to mention. If it is a relationship issue then I need the name of the other person as well. I do reversed cards, Celtic cross spreads and  gypsy spreads. At times the cards come up with answers which you may not be curious to know but that could turn out to be important at that point in time. I have a blunt tongue and I am not good at pleasing people. I am a member of the Tarot Association of British Isles and American Tarot Association. I do provide remedies but those are basic which you need to do on your own. I don't do any remedies for clients and I only provide tarot readings services. 

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