Pooja Verma

Pooja Verma

Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Expert

“Pooja Verma is an internationally acclaimed Astrologer and specializes in Numerology and Tarot Card Consulting. She is also a known Business Card Consultant and Energy Healer and offers Bach Flower Remedies.

She has remained invested in this profession since past 15 years and has helped many people with her skills to improve their lives and overcome difficulties.

She is an expert Tarot card reader and has Professional certifications in Access Bar healing and Back Flower Remedies. She has an Access Bar Healer Certification by Pooja Arora and has a Bach Flower Certification by Kamla Hemrajan. You can seek her advice on the issues like Health, Career, Family, Money/Business etc.

Pooja Verma (Who goes by the name of Mystic Dollie) provides consultancy on various issues through Numerology which involves Name Analysis and Remedies for Businesses/Health or relations. She can solve your problems through Tarot Card reading and can channelize energy of the world to provide you healing. She makes people conscious and empowered about who they are and what they are capable of.

She also specializes in Back Flower remedies which is the latest method involving Basic and Life situation tips. She provides distant as well as personal healing sessions. She uses the method of switching words with power symbols for different remedies.”

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