Nandita Pandey

Nandita Pandey

Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Vastu Expert
Nandita Pandey is an internationally renowned and acclaimed Astro Vaastu Tarot Consultant, Spiritual healer and Past Life Regression Therapist based in Delhi. She is well known for her uncannily correct predictions on various national and international events made in various TV News channels and holds the highest records so far of achieving an accuracy rate of 99%.

She has been conferred with the prestigious “ Suryadutta National Award’12 ” for excellence in Astrology, Tarot, Vaastu and related sciences along with eminent personalities like PadmaVibhushan Hari Prasad Chaurasia, CosmonautWing Cmdr. Rakesh Sharma, Shankar Mahadevan to name a few.

A well recognized Television personality, she has a dedicated show in Sahara NCR and is regular on popular channels like

•         ABP News ( Earlier Star News ),

•         INDIA TV,

•         ZEE News,

•         IBN 7,

•         News 24,

•         SAMAY,

•         ZEE Business,

•         ZEE Jagran for her expertise and predictions. 

She has appeared in documentaries made by international channels like Australian Broadcasting Corporation ( ABC) , Discovery Channel as an Astrological Mentor in 2006.

A spiritually gifted soul, she is a natural mystic. Her deep knowledge of Astrology is complemented by her expertise in Tarot, Vaastu, as well as Numerology and enhanced by her para-psychic abilities. The turning point in her life came at the age of 13 when she became aware of her para psychic gifts. Acharye Nandita Pandey had been committed to Astrology, Tarot, Vaastu, Numerology, energy healings and other related sciences for past twenty years.

She is at present running on her 8th year in her hugely popular daily morning show “KISMET KE PATTEY” telecast in Sahara NCR/Rajasthan/Haryana channel. Having aired for so long her dedicated audiences have often been found vouching for the accuracy in her predictions LIVE in her show.

She has also been responsible for the success of hugely popular Vaastu based show “HOME HEALERS” on ZEE Jagran. In this reality show Acharye Nandita, LIVE on camera with ZEE Jagran team would pick up a mystery home and then give Vaastu remedies after scanning the energies of the house. The recordings of this show which ran for 4 years are still aired on ZEE Jagran regularly.

A regular columnist on Tarot and Vaastu for Times of India Group ( NavBharat Times) for the last 8 years, she is a frequent contributor for Vaastu and Tarot articles for prestigious News paper and magazines like:

•         SAHARA TIMES,

•         SPICEROUTE( inflight magazine of Spicejet),

•         Todays Traveller,

•         Just for Women,

•         Life Colours,

•         Pharma and Health,

•         What Women Want and many other lifestyle magazines since last 5-6 years.

Did a special show for STAR NEWS on Past Life Regression therapy for their special programme “KYON” IN Nov.’07 and “Jeevan ke Rahasya”on ZEE Jagran ( ’07-’08).

On a debate held by STAR NEWS in February’10 on Past Life Regression, she proved her point scientifically about past life in front of a panel of psychiatrist, rationalist and once again triumphed with her logical and scientific explanation.

As an astrologer with a strong science background, She has been one of the pioneer astrologers who has worked towards making a layperson understand astrology and related sciences in a pure rational, logical and scientific manner..

 This outlook in understanding the realms of para sciences with a logical mind has always given her an upper edge when confronting rationalist and non believers in various debates organized by a number of TV news channels like ABP News, India TV, IBN7,Samay etc.

She also accepted the challenge thrown by the rationalist for predicting future of 10 guests whose identity was not divulged to her. It was a 2 hrs show in INDIA TV on March’11 and she won hands down predicting accurately about each one of them. After that in their survey, she was rated as one of the most reliable and accurate Astrologer and Tarot Reader of her times by the viewers.

Known for her accuracy in predictions, she has so far made the highest number of predictions on various events in different news channels and also has the highest accuracy record percentage to her credit.

She has been blessed by the divine to be able to interpret the future accurately and precisely. There have been number of times when she has been the only Astrologer/ Tarot Card Reader to make the predictions accurately on a said subject or event.

She was the only Astrologer/ Tarot card reader to predict :  

# About the coming back of Ambani brothers together in a certain time frame. Predicted in ZEE Business on 31/10/11 that Ambani brothers will come back together by the end of the year and a Spiritual Guru and an elder of the family will be instrumental in bringing them back together. However, they will announce their business tie up formally only in the first quarter of 2013. The same was also forecasted 5 years back in RKB Show, Sahara Mumbai/ NCR when the brothers had split.

# About Gold prices falling down steeply in ZEE Business ( 30/10/11). She had also been completely accurate in share market forecast for 2011/ 12/13. 

# About India winning a Gold medal and total 6 medals in 2008 Olympics in Samay ( 08/08/08).

# About Shiv Sena winning BMC election when even the psephologist and other analyst had written them off in 2007 elections ( prediction made in Pol Khol Ke Bol ( Star News), RKB show, Sahara Mumbai Dec/Jan’06 & 07).

# About India winning the 20-20 World Cup finals against Pakistan in 2007, with a margin of 1-5 runs LIVE on RKB Show, Sahara Mumbai TV before the match had even started. India won by 5 runs.

# About the outcome of Pakistan elections along with Benazir’s fate, a year back in ‘RKB show’, Sahara Mumbai.  Was the only Astrologer/Tarot card reader to make a statement about Benazir’s life hazard/death LIVE on a show.

# About Rahul magic not working in UP elections of 2012. ( ZEE Business- Oct’11).

# About Anna like mass movement, predicted in November 2010 that there shall be clash in between the Govt. and the masses from Jan’11 onwards and will take its peak turn around March/April’11 when Saturn and Jupiter will be under direct clash. Anna Movement started around that time only.

# About judiciary becoming stronger and also predicted in various channels that Dharm Guru’s under unethical means will come under legal scanner. First Karmapa , then Ram dev and the Asaram Bapu all  came under legal scanner as forecasted.

# About outcome of IPL finals April’10. Had predicted accurately on which ball and how will the next wicket fall in the IPL finals in April ’10. The predictions were done LIVE in LEMON TV while the match was in progress.  For eg predicted that a wicket will fall on the 3rd ball of the 18th over.. and the same took place.

# Predicted LIVE about the fall of the wickets (9 wickets) in a row in World Cup T-20 finals 2009 in Channel 1 and Lemon TV while the match was being played.

# About recession ending in Sep’09. Made these predictions on various year ender programme of SAHARA SAMAY, SAHARA NCR, CNN IBN-7, INDIA TV in 2008.

# About scams like the Satyam software company scam in 2008 year ender programmes that such a scam is a likely hood in Jan/ Feb ’09.

# About the outcome of Sarabjit’s hanging. Was the only Astrologer /Tarot card reader who predicted in RKB show in SAHARA NCR/ Mumbai in March’08 that Sarabjit will not be hanged on the 1st of April’08.

# About Tsunami threat in pacific ocean. Had accurately predicted in SAHARA NCR in January 2007 that there will be Tsunami like threat in the Pacific Ocean between 10th -14th of January…the same happened in the East Coast of Japan on the 13th of January’07.

#  About UP assembly elections , had already predicted in the ‘RKB SHOW’ that Mulayam Singh Yadav will face legal problems just before the elections and as history states he had to face threat related to presidential rule in Up and also problems related to excessive assets in early 2007.

# About the outcome of UP Assembly elections. Had predicted in STAR NEWS and RKB show that Mayawati will become the chief minister in the UP elections in 2007.   

# About  Saurabh Ganguly’s come back in the Indian Cricket team and him playing for the World Cup’07 , when all the other suitors and experts had written him off in the History.( Sahara NCR’05, Star News, Pol Khol Ke Bol, ’06)

Apart from her astrological pursuits, she is also a Spiritual healer, motivational speaker and a Life coach, Deeply involved into various meditation forms like Buddhist meditation, Patanjali system of meditation( higher Yogic meditation), Kriya Yoga, Kabbalah meditation etc… she has conceptualized new methods of easy five to ten minutes  meditation for common man and corporate so as to lead  a happy, successful and content life….

As an astrologer, clairvoyant and an energy healer she has her own unique way of understanding the problem and finding remedies for them.

She is able to recognize the root cause of the “Vaastu Dosh” and gives simple yet effective remedies which can heal the negativity without any architectural changes to the property. As a Space Healer, she has an advantage of spiritually scanning the energy blockages in a building and rectifying it accordingly.

All the predictions made in 2005, 2006, 2007,2008 on celebrities and cricket matches in Star news, ZEE News, Sahara NCR, Sahara Mumbai, IBN 7 and have been absolutely precise and accurate.

She has a strong fan following in the elitist class- Many a Film / TV stars, Heads of leading Political Parties, other Politicians, Industrialist have benefited from her guidance and therapies…. 

You can also heal your problems under her expert guidance and remedies.

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