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Having authored of one of Numerology’s best selling books, ‘And God Spoke in Numbers’, I have been a practicing Numerologist for the past 15 plus years. My clientele comprises of some of the worlds most successful CEO’s and Heads of multinational Cooperates, Entrepreneurs and Professionals as well as ordinary day to day people.
An accurate interpretation of numbers is solely dependent on the individual’s correct full date of birth and the name given to you at birth becomes as important as the name you may go by currently in case a name change has occurred out of choice or by virtue of marriage for the feminine gender.  If  the date, month and/or year of birth is incorrect, the calculations cannot go beyond the basics of lucky colors, dates and days, gems, surface compatibilities, car, house and telephone numbers etc etc. In showbiz, it is rare that the individual, especially the feminine gender will confess to the correct year of birth, hence I do not concentrate on this segment much save for name and number consultations and the basic guidelines which are also extremely beneficial to the individual unless I am assured that the date of birth and most specifically, the year of birth is accurate. 

I have been practicing Chaldean Numerology with 90 to 100% accuracy where future predictions are concerned. 

Given your correct full date of birth, I can give you details about your past, present and future and the date, month and year when events are likely to occur. I can tell you of things that perhaps you have never been aware about. I can help you to get a better understanding of yourself and of those connected with you, to tune into your own personal frequency and harmonize your energies with the universal energy in order to consequently lead and live a full life in accordance with its laws in order to find your own personal emotional, material and spiritual connection with your Astral Cord. 

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