Dr Neeta Bheda

Dr Neeta Bheda

Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Vastu Expert

She finished her doctorate in naturopathy

She also owns an E-School - Soul journey, where she teaches spirituality and passes on peace and wisdom leading to Happiness

Her passions include: social work, healing animals, reading autobiographies and counselling

She counselled and trained children in her Montessori school Bonny Babes for 15 yrs i.e. 1988 to 2003 

She has been counselling children of all ages from last 25 yrs so that they can excel in whatever they do

She has also been training and grooming models for personality development, Time management Habits communication skills and soft skills for last 20 yrs

  • Priyadarshini Award by the Indian Government
  • Eminent Tarot Card Reader of 21st Century award
  • Maharashtra Jyotish Mandal award

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