Deepak Kapoor

Deepak Kapoor

Astrology Expert
Mr. Deepak Kapoor is regarded as the Grand Master of the Prashna Kundali

His technique of predictive astrology involves, interalia, mixing the analysis of the birth chart, the varsh chart (annual horoscope) and the prashna chart (horary horoscope)

He is well known for his remarkably accurate forecasts, which helps the people in taking appropriate decisions in times of crisis
  • His first book on - Astronomy and mathematical astrology, is now a standard textbook in institutes and universities offering courses in Astrology.
  • His second book on Prashna - Prashna Shastra, is a landmark work and is acknowledged as the best on the subject
  • He is teaching at Institute of Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan in New Delhi for the last 20 years

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