Bharat Upmanyu

Bharat Upmanyu

Astrology Expert
Born in 1959 on 6th September, Shri Bharat Upmanyu is a world renowned astrologer from Rajasthan. Having made his first accurate prediction about Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s death at the tender age of 5, he was destined to be an astrologer par excellence.

With his keen interest in the field of astro-sciences, he learnt astrology, palmistry, face reading and numerology by the age of 9. He started practicing professionally by the age of 17. Now with more than three and half decades of experience, he has helped numerous people achieve happiness, prosperity, correct advice and spiritual guidance. Over the years, he has given predictions for business tycoons, film stars and even politicians.

He believes that in human life there are only three types of problems, Daihik (Physical), Daivik (Spiritual) and Bhautik (Materialistic). And there are only three solutions to these problems, namely Mani (Gemstones), Mantra (Chanting) and Aushadhi (Medicine).

It is his firm belief that human life is a precious gift of God and is ephemeral. One should transcend caste, community and religion and embrace Manav Dharam and its three important qualities of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness as this will lead to peace, self realization and divine life.

He has been actively involved in social and political activities since childhood. He contested the parliamentary election from Ajmer (Rajasthan) as an independent candidate in 1999.

His registered organization Vishwavyapi Manav Kalyan Charitable Trust aims to raise funds and use them for charitable causes like providing education to the underprivileged, orphans and children with special abilities. 

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