Astrology Expert
Amriteshwaranand Ji has learnt Astrology and Sadhna from great gurus in the Guru-Shishya Prampara.

At a very young age of 38 years, he has learnt the ancient knowledge of MANTRA VIGYAN, YANTRA VIGYAN, SCIENCE OF ENERGY URJA VIGYAN by sitting at the lotus feet of saints

His journey through the lanes of Astrology started at the age of 7 when SIDHGURU SWAMI MAHAMANAV MRITUANJAI PREMANAND SARASWATI JI gave him shakti paat diksha.

Over the years, Amriteshwar ji has achieved expertise on Dus Maha Vidhya and ‘MAA BAGLAMUKHI SADHNA’ in particular 

He is working hard to ensure that the healing advantages of Siddh Guru Mandala should reach every human
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