Akhilesh Chauhan

Akhilesh Chauhan

Astrology Expert
At the age of 10 years, Akhilesh was introduced to one of the limbs of Yoga as we know that Asanas and Pranayama. As he become 12 he was introduced to chanting of Mantras and understanding the divine play of sound and colours and how they play a vital role in this creation. At the same time, he was initiated by Lord Hanuman into the practice of Hatha Yoga and Devotion. At the age of 13 he was introduced to concepts of number science commonly known and understood as numerology and simultaneously he was introduced to Dhyan understood as Meditation by Swami Laxmi Narayan and Pandit Tryambak Shastri. He experience the awakening of Kundalini at the age of 14 with a lightning current from the base of spine cutting across all relevant intersection of meridians going via back head and terminating at Ajna creating a glow of life within and outside him. 

At the age 16, he was introduced to the inner world and simultaneously Tantra Vidya by few spiritual teachers and he started his endeavour to understand and embrace the divine energy of Goddess Kali. As he grew further, he was introduced to journey of YOGA - Union with all-pervasive forces and creation in all 8 directions by Goddess Kali and his Disciple Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. He had many years of teaching in the spiritual realm outside the physical body and with blessings of Lord Shiva he embraced all learning and concretised them in different forms of meditations. While he continued his journey of learning and understanding of the spiritual world, he was introduced various other Mystical sciences including palmistry, astrology, face reading, clairvoyance, Pranic healing, crystal healing, gemology, graphology etc. 

He continued his quest of understanding the life and its existence. At the age of 20, he experienced Divine Death and had immense learning of that experience. He spent all his childhood and most of his youth with different spiritual teachers and Himalayan masters in Haridwar, Rishikesh, Ajmer and various monasteries. He was introduced to play with energy and its manifestation by Swami Krishnanand Saraswati. And at the same time he continues to master the art of being aware and concentrate at the same time, which allowed him to engage with different forms of life across layers of existence. In 2007, he was directed by Master Choa to move into Philippine to get to the root and at the same time Charlotte, became instrumental in helping him to get to roots of where it all started. With guidance and direction of both Master Choa and Charlotte, Akhilesh reached Philippines in 2010. He kept his search to find the roots and finally, the day came wherein he met his teacher from last incarnation who manifested in this creation as “Father Benny”. 

In the Divine presence of Father Benny, Akhilesh was brought to the centre of existence to manifest the divine will and enable manifestation of the divine blueprint bringing all forms of life together to enable enlightenment of all fellow beings. His only purpose of existence in this life is to manifest the divine vision seen by Father Benny and fill this creation with love, happiness, harmony and peace. And created adequate awareness across planet earth for the fellow beings, to understand life and its cause and making them free in true self. 

He will continue to humbly serve the larger creation and serve for the causeless cause of existence and help all fellow beings to achieve their goals at personal and professional level by way of guidance through the mystical energies and ability to predict with accuracy.
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