Ajay Bhambi

Ajay Bhambi

Astrology Expert

Ajay Bhambi is an MA in Economics

He has also completed his bachelor’s degree in law 

He can also be called the father of computerizing astrology, as he introduced India to this new concept

He has conducted successful workshops on astrology in different parts of the world such as in Kashi Ashram- Florida, Phoenix, Washington, Canada and Moscow

  • He has a regular column for the last five years where he writes on national and international personalities under the column called ‘Star Treck’.
  • He also has a column in Gulf-News Dubai for the last two years. He has a regular column in Sahara Time and Gateway (Business Standard)
  • He has been interviewed by many international television channels like BBC, CNN, Star, Zee, NDTV, Doordarshan, Aaj Tak etc

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