Abhishek Mallhotra

Abhishek Mallhotra

Astrology, Numerology Expert
Equipped with deep knowledge of Astrology, Numerology, Philosophy and Occult Sciences, Abhishek Malhotra has been practicing astrology since the last six years. Started studying Astrology, Numerology, Reading, Philosophy and Occult Sciences from the age of 15 years.

He is an expert in Horoscope Reading, predictions with 100 percent accuracy. Several clients are on the right path of their lives after consulting him. His consultation and advice are such that even at the most difficult times, he has stepped up for his clients and provided support, believes, remedies and solutions through various means like Puja, Mantra, Gemstones, Metals, Donations and other forms of remedies as the situation  demands.

He is also an expert in matrimony matchmaking as now a day’s people take so many years to find a correct person for him/her/waste their time searching for suitable partners for years, for them suitable matches according to their horoscopes are given to them by him. This is very important for better half of their lives as a wrong person chosen in a hurry may lead to problems in each and every sphere of their lives that why very less percentage of marriages are successful in the world.

As an expert in astro-numerology, he has advised many people to change their name number and this has enabled him to change their lives. For those who don’t wish to change their names according to numerology by giving them solutions to their problems. 

Abhishek has done research on activity and astro-numerology analysis which shows the activity analysis of the people, linking events with the numbers, time analysis of different events and activities on living and non living things/entities.

Abhishek has also done research on name number analysis of different celebrities like M S Dhoni, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Hollywood and Bollywood actors and actresses, sportsmen, politicians, entities living or non living, and most of his results of his prediction of activities, events and results are accurate and correct as and when it happened.

With the fair practices in astrology, numerology and occult sciences he has gained name, fame and respect in the eyes of large number of people in India

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