Aarti Bhatia

Aarti Bhatia

Astrology, Tarot Expert
Aarti Bhatia has been practising for past 15 years. She believes her 25 years of connection with occult and mythology has made a firm and sound base to help her clients. Her experience with different age groups and different issues has really strengthened her readings.
Her journey for occult started at a very young age. Her love for numbers and their interplay in her life gave her wings to impact the lives of others in a positive way. According to her, God speaks in numbers.

The different fields of Astrology, Numerology and Tarot are so interlinked that they are the part of the same big sphere. The play of planets in one's life is predestined ..but changes do happen with the strong will power and the desire to improve. This is what Karma does for her also.

Her Clinical Hypnotist degree and experience of past life with people, both normal and celebrity, has made them her fan. According to her, we all are a part of the unified consciousness; we are all connected. We need universal growth. She treats all her clients as special; she feels that they are all special souls. To connect deeply is the USP of her work.

She has written for weekly tarot for Dainik Bhaskar for five years. Her Mythology columns are read and appreciated by many. Her tarot readings are coming in GLIMPSE magazine. Currently, she is coming on Radio City FM channel.

Her past life regression therapy has helped many. Her EFT program has helped many in depression to heal the brain. She is active on Quora as well. She is also very active on YouTube and owns a channel by the name “tarotaartibhatia”. She is writing a book on Akashic records.

Her Tarot readings are accurate, detailed and quick. She is a well-known name in the field of Astrology and Tarot reading. She believes in never giving up the fight.
She firmly believes...
“We don't lose when we fall down… we loose when we refuse to stand up again”

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