Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Virgo Sun Sign - Zodiac Signs
For the Virgo sun sign, the first month of the year will be eventful. The stars will create newer scopes for a lot of stuff and you will gain amply in terms of social status too. You will actually want to work on your quality of relying on others since this might cause you to lose out on success. Being lazy will not help you either. Make sure you end up becoming self reliant instead of trusting others to get things done for you.

Venus and mars will come into your 7th house in conjunction, on January 27th. Once this is done, you will begin to expect more off your partner. Additionally, the conjunction will see new income sources coming out. Saturn will transit into the 4th house post 26th January this year, which will mean that you might have an unanticipated disease with your health. This will also cause a long delay in dispute resolution.

Virgo Monthly Career Horoscope: 

Individuals who are part of a business will see their efforts paying off. On the other hands, even those drawing salaries might see new incentives happening. You might have to travel overseas for expanding a business project or for work.

Virgo Monthly Love & Marriage Horoscope: 

This month will be smooth for your love life. You will have to maintaining peace in the relationship and you will see a lot of old disputes being settled this month. For those who are already married, January will be a happy month in terms of intra-personal relationships. You will have a romantic bond. Make sure you avoid excess arguments that will eventually lead to disputes.

Virgo Monthly Money & Finance Horoscope: 

You will be probably spending on your partner this month. There will arise scope to inherit something too. Fiscal stances will take an upbeat thanks to short term investments maturing. Make sure you steer clear of new investments since these could bring in losses.

Virgo Monthly Health and Family Horoscope:

 Minor health slips might trouble you through January. There are chances you have aches on your body, your familial life too might see some ups and downs. There might arise clashes and thus, you will have to deal with these thorns with ease and maturity.

Be on your guard and give yourself some time this month so that you can schedule how the year will flow through. As a Virgo, you already are great at scheduling and thus, this is no real deal for you.