Virgo Woman

The Virgo Woman

She is charming, she is intelligent, she is meticulous and she is a keen analyzer of everything and everyone around. We can go on and on because a Virgo woman is nothing short of a magician. One wave of her magic hand and she can control chaos bringing some calm and peaceful order in the lives of her loved ones.

Virgo Woman in Sexuality

Venus rules her but the biggest surprise is that she is herself not aware of her sexual aspirations. Her partner is expected to be slow and steady when with her for she takes a long time to relax and become intimate with her better half.

Virgo Woman in Relationships

She will do everything for you – right from taking care of your basic needs to addressing your emotional outbursts. She is so giving in her relationships that she needs to be told to stop at regular intervals and made aware that she is indeed doing too much for her partner. Being a perfectionist all the time is bad for her overall health and mental well-being. This is something that she is unaware of. Virgo Woman in Love

In matters of the heart, this lovely lady is quiet shy. She can take a lot of time to open up to the needs of her partner. She loves it when her partner makes the first move and sweeps her off her feet. Being a pretty girl, she loves to dress up and generally feels attractive both from within and outside. She loves to go to fine dining restaurants, take long romantic drives with her soul mate or walk hand in hand with her lover in the park.

Virgo Woman in Compatibility

A Taurus man is an excellent match for the Virgo woman. He brings a lot of stability in the life of the nervous Virgo lady. He is able to gel well with the logical and meticulous Virgo lady and generally allows her to take the lead while he follows suit. A Taurus man also prefers to go slow when it comes to the matters of the heart, just like how the Virgo lady likes it.

Virgo Woman in Career

One who has a clear direction, Virgo ladies make great tax auditors – thanks to their head that loves figures and their keen eye for detail. Since they are highly health conscious, they also make great nutritionists or naturopaths. Playing with numbers and being highly detail-obsessed these ladies also make great statisticians.

Virgo Woman in Business

Extremely calculative in all her business endeavors, a Virgo woman is very good when it comes to handling the financial aspect of her business. Thus, they make good accountants and financial planners. Since they love to follow rules, they also do extremely well in architectural businesses. They are cleanliness freaks too hence they also do very well in careers related to housekeeping and housecleaning. An eye for detail and cleanliness, give them a messy room and they can transform its shape in a matter of a few hours.