Virgo Man

The Virgo Man

Precise, articulate and highly detail-oriented, there is hardly anything that misses the Virgo Man’s eyes. He is sure to cross the T’s and dot the I’s in such a meticulous manner that you will remember it forever.

Virgo Man in Sexuality

A Virgo Man is quiet uninspiring when it comes to sexuality. His partner will have to force him regularly to creative pastures, but the good news is, since he is so perfect, he will make every attempt to make his partner feel special and wanted.

Virgo Man in Relationships

A Virgo man can catch you off guard. While he is very satisfying to be with, he can be highly annoying too. Since he is ruled by Mercury, his girl cannot blindly trust him as he can be very superficial when it comes to emotional intimacy and affection. A Virgo man can be very demanding in his relationships too, thanks to his perfectionism, and health related freakiness.

Virgo Man in Love

Being a cleanliness freak, he can irritate you to the core when he is out on a date with you. Typically, he is very practical but can be undyingly romantic and tender when his soul mate needs him. He always wants to fix something or the other, and will not relax, dance or smile unless the gadget at hand is up and running! Since he is an Earth sign, he will go all out in search of the physical pleasures of life.

Virgo Man in Compatibility

A Virgo man makes a dashing pair with either a Capricorn woman or a Taurus woman. With the Taurus woman, it is all about being understanding towards each other at the highest of levels. This relationship is full of blossoms and freshness. Both the Capricorn woman and Virgo man complement one another beautifully and balance out each other’s flaws and limitations. Both are sincere and highly sensual especially when it comes to love related matters.

Virgo Man in Career

Virgo men are natural bureaucrats but can be socially very shy and showcase lack of confidence. The Virgo men do extremely well in professions of mass communication, math, computers, astrology, book keeping, television, radio, and the internet. These men are not conservative and need frequent changes in life to keep the boredom at bay.

Virgo Man in Business

The Moon in a Virgo Man’s chart makes him learned, fortunate, business centric and an advocate of best business practices. The presence of Mars in his charts makes him a musician, a technocrat or an agriculturist. Whatever may be the business situation, one will always find a Virgo Man adopt a pragmatic and a cool-headed approach to handling problems and situations. Extremely good at reading other people’s mind, Virgo men can exactly point out flaws in a clear and concise manner. Connoisseurs of art, these men do extremely well in businesses related to web designing, interior decoration, personal style consulting, and advertising. They enjoy a set schedule, thus for a Virgo businessman, businesses that follow set, pre-defined schedules work extremely well.