Virgo Compatibility

Virgos are strongly duty bound. Being the sixth sign in the zodiac chart, they are perfectionists to the core. They highly care for their near and dear ones. Their downside is to worry for every small thing in life. They are a bundle of joys and also pains. Often they appear irritable and negative towards life. These gentle, caring and highly lovable individuals highly care for rules and expect those around to strongly abide by them. Here we explore the compatibility of different zodiac signs with Virgo.
These two partners are very honest. They attract each other like magnets. However, the longevity of this match is affected due to the differences they share. Arians are highly impulsive and are prone to criticize the ways of the Virgos. This will irritate them and will stain their minds for a long time affecting their relationship. While Arians wish to spend lavishly and enjoy life, the Virgos are worried of future and safety and they wish to save. To let their match work, the Arians should control their harsh nature and the Virgos must stop criticizing their partner.
Virgo – Aries compatibility score: 25%
Taurians and Virgos have a lot of things in common. We may say this is one of the most compatible pairs we can find in astrology. They both like to stand together in facing the difficulties of life. They never like to be inconsistent, extravagant and reckless. They have devotion to each other and can dedicate their life to please their partner. Often, the Taurians might trigger some quarrels due to their possessive nature which the Virgos will quell with their wit. Therefore it is most likely that their relationship will move on bed of roses and make them the best partners on the earth.
Virgo – Taurus compatibility score: 80%
Both these zodiac signs are highly practical minded. They are also great intellectuals. In the intellectual level, they have a lot of compatibility. However, they both have a lot of pent up feelings that might stain the relationship. Geminians must teach how to be passionate to the Virgos and the Virgos in turn should show Geminians how to be stable. Once this is done, they can learn to accommodate the needs of the other partner seeing some green pastures across their road.
Virgo – Gemini compatibility score: 15%
In this match we find the sensitive Cancerians pairing up with the logical and patient Virgos. Though they have some stark differences in their attitudes and approaches, they can make a great match together since these differences are rather complementary to the success of their wedded life. The boldness and stubbornness of the Cancerians will highly attract the Virgos. However, they will find it very difficult to put up with the mood swings of the Crab. Cancerians admire the practical outlook of the Virgos and also like to stay tuned with their simplicity. Virgos are attracted due to the compassionate and affectionate nature of the Cancerians.
Virgo – Cancer compatibility score: 85%
Virgos are introverts and cannot express their feelings and needs frankly. Leos are very proud of their charismatic personality. Virgos are prone to criticize others. When this happens in their union, the Leos can hardly tolerate it. Leos like a social life and wish to show off their prowess. On the other hand, the Virgos always wish to stay away from the crowd. To work their match, they must learn to accommodate the other person’s views and ways. Leos must cultivate some humility and the Virgos must stop criticizing their partner. With some adjustments, they can foster their bond.
Virgo – Leo compatibility score: 25%
Virgos are highly practical minded. They are meticulous in their work. They also expect the other people around them to follow the same. Virgos are very shy and cannot stay focused on a particular thing for so long. They are very much ready to face the difficulties of life. They are highly practical and have no place for the play of emotions upon life. They are very much loyal to their partners and can contribute to their well-being in several ways. When two Virgos come together, they need to stop the attitude of criticism. Once this is done, they can make a great pair.
Virgo – Virgo compatibility score: 85%
Due to their strongly differing temperaments, Virgos and Librans will find it difficult to understand each other. When they come together on a marital bond, they will have to face a lot of hardships in life. Virgos hate socializing and wish to stay inside the comfort of their homes. Librans are on the other hand socializing in nature. They love outdoor life and seek mingling with people. This pair can successfully get along only if they develop an understanding of the other person and accommodate their needs.
Virgo – Libra compatibility score: 25%
Though there are several sharp differences between them, Virgos and Scorpions can make one of the best matches on the earth. They both are highly critical and also systematic. They are strongly committed to each other and passionately love the other person. The problem comes when the highly expressive and frank Virgos are irritated by the reserved and secretive nature of the Scorpions. While the Virgos are highly attracted towards the magnetic power of the Scorpions, they both must cultivate a good amount of understanding so that their good compatibility is nurtured further.
Virgo – Scorpio compatibility score: 85%
While the Virgos keep criticizing their partners constantly, this attitude will annoy the Sagittarians. Sagittarians are strongly outgoing personalities. They can never learn the importance of a passionate relationship. Virgos expect care and empathy. To make their bond lasting, they must cultivate some respect for each other’s views and needs. The understanding of the Sagittarians and the forgiveness fo the Virgos can help nurture their relationship to maturity.
Virgo – Sagittarius compatibility score: 15%
Virgos and Capricornians can understand each other so very well. They both can rely on each other for their support and love. They can accommodate the other person’s differences and can confide in their abilities. Capricornians plan very much in advance. The Virgos admire this trend and can rely on the planning skills of their partners. Since both of them are serious minded, they find lesser time for romance in life. They must do a team work to add spice to their life and fuel their journeys.
Virgo – Capricorn compatibility score: 80%
Virgos and Aquarians can have a lot of difficulty in forming an emotional bond. They both are intellectuals and will find a great time discussing serious issues of life together. When it comes to living their life, the Virgos apply logic while the Aquarians never have belief in the power of reason. Their compatibility is only average. If they have to come together on some reasons, they must cultivate a good amount of understanding and fulfill the other person’s needs and expectations.
Virgo – Aquarius compatibility score: 25%
Virgos are highly thoughtful and systematic in life. They are highly practical minded and always plan things in advance. The Pisceans on the other hand always dwell in their private dream world far removed from the realities of life. They wish to be cared and protected by their partner. They both must cultivate some tolerance for the other person’s ways and approaches. Both of them love simple life and are gentle in their approach. Therefore there is a fair amount of compatibility between them which they must strive and nurture to maturity.
Virgo – Pisces compatibility score: 50%