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Virgo in one Line - Hardworking, organised, intelligent, practical and critical

Inborn Desire - Crystallization

Career-wise, Virgos tend to be good analysts as they have a keen eye for detail and are practical. Dextrous and scientific in approach, a Virgo gets to the heart of the matter in minutes. If there is problem solving required, it is best summon a Virgo! On the money front, Virgo are extremely careful about spending and are keen about their investments. As they tend to analyse matters, they often make the right choices when it comes to savings.

Virgo Horoscope - Career

On professional front, Virgo generally play safe. With an eye for detail they make better workers than they do as leaders. They are practical people, possessing inquiring and logical minds. They pursue careers that influence them intellectually, challenge them and offer diversity. Routine life seems boring for them. Normally Business of any kind does not suits them. Part time business can be done if they get enough in with their regular job. They should select your partners in business very carefully, those who can utilize their intelligence as best They are dedicated to work, hard taskmaster and like to be left alone in a quite place to carry out the works and plans. When confronted with obstacles, they stay calm and rational and work on finding a solution rather than loosing their cool.
Suitable profession and professional fields
The suitable professional industries for them include hotel, coal, gold, gem, cattle, grains, agriculture, animal husbandry, geology, teaching, acting, law, leisure management, glass, textiles, silk, luxurious items, fashion designing. They can excel as actor, director, dancer, producer, fashion model, beautician, executive, agent, teachers, obstetrician, pop stars, sportsperson, politician, military men, superintendents, ambassadors, auditors, architects, lawyers, judges, priests, administrators, lawyer, judge, gold smith, cardiologists.
Leos are usually lucky in money matters. They are known to maintain ostentatious lifestyle. Leos are good at making money but at the same time they save wisely for rainy days. They are cautious investors. They may have well developed second source of income. Leos seldom lose their hard earned money. You are generally fortunate and have sufficient resources. They often occupy a position of trust and authority. They try to deal with large issues and leave the minor details to subordinates. Generous at heart they often help people in need. Leos find jewelry and lavish gifts, designer clothes irresistible.
Mostly lively, happy, contended and bombastic in nature, they think on straight lines. When young they enjoy bright colors and games evolving organizational abilities. They want to remain center of attention and love hearing endless praise. To grow well, they need constructive assessments. Thought process is slow but deliberate. Often the details are overlooked and conclusion is mainly based on intuitions rather than facts. They chose educational fields which surely they feel will give them successful career. They study and practice to have promising career in future.
Discussed above are general professional behaviour of Virgo born individuals. But it has been observed that within Virgo sign only, if an individual is born between specific degree range- he or she is marked by characteristics and profession. Some of these are mentioned as-
Natives Born between 1 to 3 Degrees of Virgo Sun sign
Filled with patriotism and blessed with the ability to sympathize, they can excel in life as humanists, sociologists, bee keepers.
Natives Born between 3 to 6 Degrees of Virgo Sun sign
With an inherent ability to compare and collect, they can excel much as botanists, zoologists, astrologers, astronomers.
Natives Born between 6 to 9 Degrees of Virgo Sun sign
With an inherent instinct to probe, they can excel as surgeons, individualists.
Natives Born between 9 to 12 Degrees of Virgo Sun sign
Good at adding, arranging , comparing they can turn out to be successful critics, botanists, zoologists, barbers.
Natives Born between 12 to 15 Degrees of Virgo Sun sign
Good at dealing with activities and interests concerning problems of life and death they can excel as theologians, philosophers, sculptors, dentist, butchers, coal miners, soldiers, tailors.
Natives Born between 15 to 18 Degrees of Virgo Sun sign
Blessed with spirit of self assertiveness, triumph, argumentiveness they can excel as policemen, railwaymen, philosophers, gold miners, muslin manufacturers.
Natives Born between 18 to 21 Degrees of Virgo Sun sign
Energetic with love for logic, movement and sports they can excel as logicians, lawyers, doctor, sportsmen, hunters, cricketers, tennis players, bankers, caterers, swimmers.
Natives Born between 21 to 24 Degrees of Virgo Sun sign
Good at rhythm and order they can excel as dancers, musicians, poets, novelists, lawyers.
Natives Born between 24 to 27 Degrees of Virgo Sun sign
Being blessed with dynamic force , intensity of thought and feelings they can excel as oraters , electricians, smiths
Natives Born between 27 to 30 Degrees of Virgo Sun sign
Good at varies activities and filled with hope they can excel as ports, novelists, writers.