Taurus Woman

The Taurus Woman

Not somebody to be ignored easily, she will make her presence felt in every possible way! Be wary, she has a hot, fiery temper and can make things go out of hand when provoked in the wrong way. When not angry, these girls are by far very sweet-natured, soft and extremely compassionate towards all.

Taurus Woman in Sexuality

Taurus is ruled by Venus - the planet of feminine sexuality, so things could be quiet hot to handle when you deal with a Taurus woman. This woman needs a lot of love and affection, so be ready to cuddle and hug her at numerous occasions. Forget the sexual endeavors for this lady seeks to build an emotional connect with her man.

Taurus Woman in Relationships

She wears multiple hats with élan. She can be a great cook, a doting daughter, a loving mother and a caring sister, all at the same time. While she appears mysterious on the surface, once you get to know her, you will realize how open and crystal clear she is. Let her get comfortable with you and she will be your best friend and one of your greatest partners in crime.

Taurus Woman in Love

She is a lover’s ideal fantasy. Falling in love with a Taurus woman is nothing short of falling in low with an expert. She exactly knows how to keep her partner happy in love. Gain her trust and she will open up completely to you and share her most deepest and innermost secrets. A Taurus woman yearns to be loved, tenderly and passionately, but is very fragile and can get hurt easily.

Taurus Woman in Compatibility

A Taurus woman will keep things simple. She is extremely down-to-earth and is known to offer lively conversations and a loyal companionship to her lover. An ideal love match for a Taurus woman is a Cancer, Pisces or Libra man. These women should avoid associations with Leo, Aquarius, and Gemini men. The gentle-hearted Libra man is a good choice for the attention seeking Taurus girl. Compatibility across all elements of life, this pair has many things in common. Although the Libra man may not be very tidy, the Taurus woman will manage to bring him up to par with her tidiness goals.

Taurus Woman in Career

Being multi talented, a Taurus woman can pick up and do well in multiple corporate roles – right from a CEO to a perfume designer. Though they hold a reputation of being very serious, they are nowhere close to being boring. If you have a vague business idea and wish to transform it into a concrete plan, the best person to go to is a Taurus woman. They are not only pragmatic but also true lovers of all things beautiful. They make great landscape artists, biologists, architects and financial analysts.

Taurus Woman in Business

Many Taurus women land up in top-ranking management positions thanks to their workaholic streaks. You women finish off what you start even if it involves sitting late and long hours coupled with loads of stress. Being ruled by Venus, many Taurus women make great careers in dancing, painting and acting. Art dealerships, restaurant ownerships, interior designing, photography studios – all these business opportunities are bound to catch the fancy of an enterprising Taurus woman.