Taurus Personality Horoscope

Taurus in one Line - Trustworthy, possessive, affectionate, careful but stubborn

Inborn Desire - To stabilize

When it comes to defining a Taurean’s personality, the first words that come to mind are – stable, strong, hard working and of course, dependable. They love and enjoy beautiful things and are unabashedly materialistic by nature. Being a tactile yet sensual Sun Sign, they take everything – work or romance, very seriously. They have very high standards and can come across as stubborn but they will ensure that any task assigned to them is completed.

Taurus Horoscope-Personality

What Taurus Born Individual Enjoy
Most Taurus borns enjoy good bank balance. Spending time in nature or in garden makes them happy. They enjoy fine dining and designer outfits. They are energized by good perfumes, flowers, people remembering their birthdays and wishing them on all important occasions of their life.
Positive Traits
Practical, reliable, calm, persistent, ambitious, warm hearted, strong willed, fond of pleasures, luxuries, imaginative, careful and strong outlook, attentive, gentle, placid, fond of cooking
Negative Traits
Lazy, possessive, stubborn, self-indulgent, prejudiced, vindictive, fix and rigid temperament, materialistic, insensitive
Handwriting Style
Usually the handwriting style of Taurus born is beautifully curved, small and smooth. They do not leave much space in between words or in between lines. Often they use mild and gentle words. Seldom is their writing offensive. Usually they put a full stop after their signatures. Most of Taurus individuals underline their signatures with artistic hooks at both ends.
Physical Attributes
Taurus natives tend to have an unusually good-looking face, large round eyes, and clear skin. Usually they have a short stature and are of darkish complexion. The lips may be thick and fleshy. They have a square built. Often their neck is short and thick and their body gives the impression of weight and sturdiness. They are blessed with charming personality. They usually have broad face and thighs. They are attractive people with broad forehead and many retain their youthfulness for long. Becoming overweight is a problem with them, especially in later years. They have chubby hands and thighs. They may have mole or mark on back or side. Known for good digestive power they walk sportingly. They are known for sensual and comfortable dressing.
Mental Tendencies
Natives born under Sun Sign Taurus are blessed with inherent respect for relationships and desire to communicate their feelings with close ones. They are stable, enduring and fixed in their ways. They are very possessive about their material resources. Though slow to anger but they can prove out to be worst enemies. They don’t forget any injustice done to them easily. Good at cherishing memories they like to live in their body and senses. Taurus natives are slow and steady and are possessed of strong will, domestic and determined. Anything done is well done and thought beforehand. They always work hard, when opposed they become stubborn and unyielding. They are secretive, reserved, sincere, reliable and trustworthy. With age they develop elegance and grace. Apt to materialism, comfort, beauty-the motto to lead life is to attained, safeguard and refine. Possessing tremendous willpower and self-discipline they are inclined and stick to tried and traditional methods. Their greatest satisfaction derives from results produced directly by their own personal efforts rather than by others. They are fond of pleasure and love, natural beauty, art, music and literature, fond of ease and comfort one can depend on their opinion, ever smiling but highly diplomatic.
Parts of Body Ruled and Health
Sign Taurus rules the neck, throat, larynx, tonsils, lower jaw, ears, lower teeth, occipital region, cerebellum, carotid artery, jugular vein, thyroid, tongue, vocal cord and chin hence these areas are considered to be the weakest part of body for them Taurus Natives natural weak spot is the throat. They are prone to long-lasting colds, frequent emanation of water from the nose and clotting of such fluid, asthma, apoplexy, plethora, sinus, pimples on face and soreness in eyes. Unlike others they are less sensitive to pains. If they fall ill, they will suffer for a long time without revealing it. Recovery is slow in their case. They should not overeat; if they do so, there could be problems. Regular exercise with strict dietary pattern is recommended for them. Gargling, hot honey and lemon drinks, woollen scarves worn in winter are all the great heath aids for people born with this signg
Discussed above are General attributes of Taurus born individuals. But it has been observed that within Taurus sign only, If an individual is born between specific degree range- he or she is marked by notable features. Some of these are mentioned as-
Natives Born between 1 to 5 Degrees of Taurus Sun sign
Low middle stature, slightly curly black hair, swarthy complexion, dark eye brows.
Natives Born between 5 to 10 Degrees of Taurus Sun sign
Low middle stature, long face, broad forehead, full cheeks, distorted teeth's, dark brown hair, swarthy complexion, stooping shoulders.
Natives Born between 10 to 15 Degrees of Taurus Sun sign
Small stature, pale, swarthy complexion, small eyes, downward looking countenance, frowning eyebrows, large forehead, thick lips, almost flat nose
Natives Born between 15 to 20 Degrees of Taurus Sun sign
Middle stature, proportionate, oval face, chestnut hair, gray eyes, large forehead
Natives Born between 20 to 25 Degrees of Taurus Sun sign
Short, reddish complexion, oval face, black hair, facial eruptions, fleshy body
Natives Born between 25 to 30 Degrees of Taurus Sun sign
Robust, Square Visage, brown complexion, mark or scar on face , may have eye defect.