Taurus Man

The Taurus Man

Try, try till you succeed! The Taurus man lives life by this mantra. With the strength and characteristics of a bull, this man will face every challenge with grit and determination. A chap with a bad temper, he is an epitome of perseverance, strength, and resolve.

Taurus Man in Sexuality

Traditional in thinking, the Taurus man is not very creative and likes to follow an old-school thought when it comes to matters close to the heart. Extremely empathetic, this man is receptive and greatly aware of the feelings and emotions of his lover and makes this lady feel loved, wanted, and secure.

Taurus Man in Relationships

Given a choice, in relationships, a Taurus man will do nothing. But if his relationships are interesting and versatile, he’d go all out and apply all his energy and creativity to woo his lady love. But once the relationship stabilizes, the Taurus man generally holds a tendency to become static and monotonous.

Taurus Man in Love

A Taurus man in full blossoming love holds the capacity to sweep his girl off her feet. He has a flair for romance and will leave no stone unturned to entice his partner. The most wonderful aspect of dating a Taurus man is that he is extremely relaxed and easy going. He loves to be at home and spend time with the woman of his dreams, laugh and joke with her while eating whipped cream off her shoulders. He will take you for long walks and long drives and make every attempt to create many picture perfect memories with you and for you.

Taurus Man in Compatibility

A Taurus man makes an interesting combination with an Aries woman after all opposites attract! While he is calm, composed, practical, and down-to-earth she is carefree and spontaneous. This one aspect of the Aries girl is sure to garner a lot of attention from a Taurus man.

Taurus Man in Career

Professions that require one to be pragmatic go well with a typical Taurus man. He will play a good role in professions like that of a venture capitalist, financial analyst, real estate broker, or a banker. Being an Earth sign, a Taurus man will also perform well in professions that deal with land. For example, an architect, surveyor, botanist, or a landscape artist are some career roles that a Taurus man can pursue.

Taurus Man in Business

Being quite artsy by nature, a Taurus man holds a strong appreciation towards music, art, photography, fine wine, and classy restaurants. Generally, a Taurus man is sure to develop a strong appreciation towards one or more than one such artistic fields. Business endeavors that take them outdoors are sure to fancy typical Taurus men. If you are looking to start your own enterprise, a Taurus man should explore business opportunities in acting, singing, sports, interior decoration, sculpting, music, advertising and publicity, entertainment, amusement, become a doctor with throat as his specialization, tailoring or a nursery owner. A Taurus man may not be a massive money spender but he definitely likes to live his life lavishly.