Taurus Compatibility

Occupying the 12th position in the zodiac chart, Taurians are hard-working, practical, stubborn and also stable. They like to immerse themselves in sensual pleasures. Their theory of life is to indulge in all excesses. They will be prepared to go any length to satisfy their passions. They are fixed with regard to their attitudes and approaches to life and are never willing to change. This attitude makes them strong and dependable. When it comes to work, they never compromise with hard work. These happy individuals are highly sincere in their approach to life. Here we discuss the compatibility of Taurus with the other twelve zodiac signs.
Arians are hasty in making conclusions while a Taurian takes his own time to understand the situation deeply and clearly. The Arians are always prone to make faults due to their rushed moves. The Taurians will in turn react to them saying they had already cautioned them of this outcome. Therefore quite a many times, Arians get irritated and offended by criticisms and cynical comments of the Taurians. This will result in a deep cleft between them. They have to learn to respect the views of the other person to achieve compatibility.
Taurus – Aries compatibility score: 25%
Taurians are very gentle and highly understanding. They are compassionate and highly practical too. They are very loyal and highly reliable. While being very careful about their spending habits, Taurians will not fail to enjoy some good things of life. They have a lot of physical prowess as well as emotional stability. While all these traits bring together two Taurians on a common platform to make the most of their bond, the one factor that gives ways to trouble in their relationship is their stubborn and obstinate nature. Once they learn to overcome this limitation, they can make one of the best matches on the earth.
Taurus – Taurus compatibility score: 83%
Taurians are always steady and cautious in every step they take. They never make hasty decisions in life. They are peace loving and spread harmony. Geminians are on the other hand very unstable. Hey are restless and keep moving about anywhere and everywhere in meeting new people. Taurians are highly methodical and systematic in life. They stick to regular routines without getting bored. Their opposing natures will often create some ripples in their union. If the Taurians learn to make some compromises and the Geminians learn some consistency, they can pick up well and get along peacefully.
Taurus – Gemini compatibility score: 25%
Both Taurians and Cancerians are calm and composed. They are highly sensitive and like to live with a routine and privacy. They both are bent upon a simple lifestyle and will confine to the portals of their family faithfully contributing to its progress. Therefore they shall make the best pair on this earth and can find a great satisfaction in their bond with the other partner. They wish to be away from the busy life and spend some quality time together and for the family. They build their own palace and live happily being satisfied with each other’s company.
Taurus – Cancer compatibility score: 85%
The common features that bring together a Taurian and Leo are a strong will power and a power to make the right decision in life. Leo likes to stay in the limelight and be the center of attraction whether it is family or society. The Taurian on the other hand is bent upon finding a safe place in the background far removed from the hassles of life. Due to their contrasting attitudes towards life, they might land on frequent misunderstandings and quarrels. When it comes to love and a passionate relationship, both Taurians and Leos have a lot of compatibility. These two dynamic and strong individuals can together solve their issues amicably and hope for a great time ahead.
Taurus – Leo compatibility score: 15%
We find Taurians and Virgos standing on top of the compatibility graph. They are never afraid to face the realities of life. They are always careful and thoughtful. They never like to spend lavishly and live life in an inconsistent way. In this regard, they have so much in common between them. They have devotion and dedication to foster their mutual bond and therefore will find their relationship do very well as the days go by and as they grow in maturity and understanding. The possessiveness of the Taurians might often trigger some quarrels between them. However, with their wit, the Virogs will mollify them.
Taurus – Virgo compatibility score: 80%
The similarities between Taurus ad Librans are due to the fact that they both are ruled by Venus. However, those similarities do not make up for compatibility in wedded life. Taurians have an idealistic view towards love, while the Librans are casual goers taking everything lightly. Though this is never an undesirable combination, they will have to make strategic adjustments to their understanding and approach. Taurians are conservatives and Librans are free flowing with the wind. Once they accommodate the other person’s views and ways, they can find happy days.
Taurus – Libra compatibility score: 25%
The marriage between a Scorpion and a Taurian can be approved though there might arise some problems due to the possessiveness of the Scorpions and the jealous of the Taurians. They must learn to compromise to see that they enjoy a compatible life together. Their relationship is tensed up when they suspect each other. They also must perfect their communication and express their feelings to the other person to make their union work well for both of them. Giving space to the other person is the key to make this relationship work.
Taurus – Scorpio compatibility score: 50%
These two zodiac signs have some really good compatible features, but the downsides always weigh more making them a poor match. They have a tendency to change the other person. Instead they must think of complementing their partner to see that their union bears fruits. Taurians are home bound. They wish to enjoy the family life in the cozy comfort provided by their soul mate’s presence. For Sagittarians this will be a real big burden as they are outbound and like to socialize outdoors. The Taurians must balance the impulsive nature of the Sagittarians to see that the match works positively with the understanding developed day by day.
Taurus – Sagittarius compatibility score: 25%
Both these zodiac signs are highly spiritual and philosophical. They both have practical approach towards life and therefore can find their match mutually fulfilling. The Capricornians are highly ambitious and also calm. This will highly attract a Taurian. At the same time, the strong determination of the Taurian will be admired by the Capricornian. In their preoccupation with other aspects of their life, this pair might miss out enjoying life. Since both of them have a good level of understanding about each other, their relationship can work very well.
Taurus – Capricorn compatibility score: 80%
Taurians look forward to passionate relationship. They seek simple life in a profound way inside the closed portals of the family. Aquarians look forward to going with the wind and they can easily change with the vicissitudes around them. However, the stubborn nature of the Taurians will create some tensions in their union. The Aquarians are very careless, which will irritate the Taurians and ignite their anger. Since they go by their own norms regarding their needs in life, this match is most unlikely to work well.
Taurus – Aquarius compatibility score: 15%
There are some differences that can come in the way of achieving compatibility between these partners. Taurians are down to earth practical and look forward to simple life. The Pisceans dwell in their dream world and are far removed from the realities of life. They lack clarity of ideas and cannot perceive the truth of life. The gentle, compassionate and considerate nature of the Pisceans will highly appeal to the Taurian and they both can slowly and steadily develop a good understanding of each other to see that the match is fostered with the moving of times.
Taurus – Pisces compatibility score: 85%