Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio Woman

She is the sexiest and the most mysterious amongst all the zodiac signs. A lover of spiritual or occult sciences, she can be calm and serene as a deep blue sea or a bundle of chaos depending on her mood. Someone who holds a strong connection with life’s forces, she generally is moved by human experiences.

Scorpio Woman in Sexuality

She is the queen when it comes to sexual affairs, everyone can in fact, learn from her expertise. If she hasn’t been hurt from her previous sexual encounters, she will go all out and merge her sexual urges with her emotions. Extremely easy-going, she is easily pleased by a lover who loves her whole-heartedly and most importantly respects her.

Scorpio Woman in Relationships

When it comes to relationships, she can go the extreme way. While she is good at hiding her true feelings, she can suddenly explode and end relationships for no reasons at all. Her partner needs to learn the art of communicating with her without words. In all her relationships, she prefers a lending heart and not a lending ear.

Scorpio Woman in Love

When it comes to love, she is the most emotional of all zodiac signs. Her intentions are always clear and she will never take anybody’s emotions for a ride. Never take her for granted for she will tolerate her partner’s wrongdoings up to a certain point but once she has had enough, she will explode. Once that happens, her partner will not be able to manage the situation come what may.

Scorpio Woman in Compatibility

A Scorpio and a Cancer make one great couple! The Scorpio woman’s need to control things makes a Cancer man feel safe, secured and protected. And on the other hand, a Scorpio woman loves the possessiveness of her Cancer man. While the Scorpio woman is more passionate in the bedroom, the Cancer man is more than willing to make her happy.

Scorpio Woman in Career

The Scorpio ladies are hard working and brilliant in whatever tasks they pick up. They typically prefer a quieter workplace that is free of distractions. Garnering numerous accolades, what motivates them is their passion to prove a point and showcase a stellar performance in whatever task they pick up. Anything scientific catches their fancy and they like to engage in tasks that make them work in scientific labs, pharmaceutical companies or doing medical research for medical experts.

Scorpio Woman in Business

Highly intense and a perfectionist at heart, a Scorpio woman makes a great surgeon. She has the capacity to endure a lot and can manage stressful situations in a calm and peaceful manner. These traits help her give a stellar performance in the operation theatre. A Scorpio woman is also the best go-to person when it comes to matters related to sex. These ladies make good sex therapists for they hold the ability to go to the root of the problem and guide their clients on what adjustments they should make. Being fascinated by the subconscious mind, these ladies also make great hypnotists.