Scorpio Personality Horoscope

Scorpio in one Line - Passionate, energetic, warm but jealous

Inborn Desire - To Control

Don’t be fooled by a Scorpio’s calm behaviour as on the inside they are deeply intense creatures. They have penetrating eyes that are difficult to ignore and have a determination that is impossible to shake if they have made up their minds. They may across as emotionally cold individuals but they love passionately, are generous and very loyal. They made good leaders and their senses are always on high alert.

Scorpio Horoscope-Personality

What Scorpio Born Individual Enjoy
With inherent aptitude for research, they like to uncover mysteries. Beating their opponents at chess and other competition make them happy. A secluded cave, rollercoaster ride, bathroom tiled in black, soothes their senses. Reading a gripping thriller holds their concentration. Researching about family history and stashing money away are among their secret passions.
Positive Traits
Materialistic, emotional, powerful feelings, loyal, imaginative, determined, intelligent, self critical, protective, compassionate, sexual
Negative Traits
Jealous, resentful, secretive, suspicious, vindictive, inflexible, frugal, sarcastic, ruthless, sadist, cunning
Handwriting Style
Usually the handwriting style of Scorpio born is stiff, rigid with sharp angles and has narrow hooks. Usually the words slant towards right but in between they can be upright. The words are often connected as three or four. The strokes are thick and are separated lavishly. Most Scorpio born individuals draw a thick line after their signature. At times it gives an impression of calligraphy.
Physical Attributes
Individuals born with Scorpio Sun Sign are usually tall with handsome deposition. Scorpio borns have good personality as well as well proportioned body, long hands, average stature, broad face, commanding appearance, short- curly hair and muscular body. They have tendency to become stout. They tend to have thick hair, broad eyes and forehead, sharp features, a prominent nose, large, hypnotic eyes, round thighs-knees and calves, broad chest and round belly. Sometimes their brows are thick and dark. Their body is agile and moves decisively. A Lustrous and impactful wardrobe is their weakness.
Mental Tendencies
Individuals born with Scorpio Sun Sign have a good capacity for research and enquiry. They like to study about deeper realm of life and surrounding environment. Though intelligent and perceptive, but they remain very cautious. It is very hard for others to know about their real feeling and state of mind. Purposeful and animated with force, they project a magnetic personality. They never do things or perform tasks in half measures. When fixed on something or someone, they aim to preserve it. For them, life is meant to be lived to the fullest or not at all. Free from envy and attachment, their life is always on the move. They tend to excel at whatever they undertake. They can be fanatically focused and work till they drop. They cannot remain idle. While facing obstacles and hindrances, they are at their best talents and never surrender but fight to the last end. They are blessed with strong mind which is hard to influence, not easily imposed upon, energetic, courageous and sarcastic. They are of practical nature. They have strong likes and dislikes, and have tendency to override and keep others under control. They have rational thinking, hate gossip, loose talk, black mailing and only concerned with their work.
Parts of Body Ruled and Health
Scorpio rules the bladder, genitals, rectum, descending colon, prostrate, testicles, seminal vesicles, nasal bones, cervix, excretion, genital-urinary system, sphincter, coccyx, uterus, scrotum, penis, and vagina. Scorpios are extremely energetic and recuperate very quickly from illness. They need to be careful from these diseases i.e. Bladder disorder, genital urinary diseases, prostate problems, piles, colitis, drunkenness, irregular or difficult menses, hernia, syphilis, nose disorders, priapism, ovarian afflictions. These can severally affect their health. To enjoy better health they should remain cautious about their diet and exercise routines.
Discussed above are General attributes of Scorpio born individuals. But it has been observed that within Scorpio sign only, if an individual is born between specific degree range- he or she is marked by notable features. Some of these are mentioned as-
Natives Born between 1 to 5 Degrees of Scorpio Sun sign
Middle stature, short-round full face, straight chestnut hair, pale complexion, gray eyes, compact, comely, good features, excellent countenance
Natives Born between 5 to 10 Degrees of Scorpio Sun sign
Like the former not much beautiful, thick waist, plump visage, thick short legs
Natives Born between 10 to 15 Degrees of Scorpio Sun sign
Slender, dark brown hair, brown complexion, gray eyes, broad forehead
Natives Born between 15 to 20 Degrees of Scorpio Sun sign
Slender, short, broad shoulders, dark slight curly hair, tawny or swarthy complexion
Natives Born between 20 to 25 Degrees of Scorpio Sun sign
Little, gross, oval face, pale complexion dark straight hair, good features, proportionate
Natives Born between 25 to 30 Degrees of Scorpio Sun sign
Thick , square face, surly, broad forehead and chin, thick over hanging eye brows, swarthy or ruddy complexion, sandy hair, middle stature