Scorpio Man

The Scorpio Man

Just like you wouldn’t wish to mess with a scorpion, don’t even dream of messing with a Scorpio man. This man is serious, can be very stern, is no-nonsense and takes a while to forgive the wrong that you do to him. For this man, grey is never an option, he perceives everything in black and white.

Scorpio Man in Sexuality

This sun sign personifies wild and sexual fantasies. After all, the Scorpio man is ruled by Mars and Pluto, the planets of sexuality. The Scorpio man possesses many feminine traits too - he is soft-hearted, wonderful, selflessly giving and a wonderful lover to be with.

Scorpio Man in Relationships

The Scorpio man is always perceived to be very possessive and obsessive but the fact of the matter is that he is very loyal, compassionate and supportive of the dreams and aspirations of his lover. As he is highly emotional, he tries to maintain a safe distance in every relationship with the fear of getting hurt from each of them.

Scorpio Man in Love

Fall in love with a Scorpio man and he will hold you very close to his heart. He gets extremely attached and is generally very close to his loved ones. One who always wants to settle for the best, the Scorpio man will take his own sweet time to proclaim his love for you. But once he does that there is no looking back from then on. Extremely intense in whatever he does, this man will leave no stone unturned to give you the best of times!

Scorpio Man in Compatibility

The Scorpio man makes a great pairing with a Cancer woman. This relationship is indeed a happy one. Since both are water signs, they personify the ‘made for each other’ tag beautifully. They are quiet like-minded and thus have a liking for many common hobbies that they like to pursue together. Both are highly sensitive and romantic and enjoy spending time with each other at home. Emotionally too they tend to balance out each other seamlessly.

Scorpio Man in Career

A strong Sun in his charts makes a Scorpio man pursue a career in the army, military, secret services, firefighting, medicine or as property dealers, pharmacy dealers etc. Things that are generally hidden, dark or deep catch their fancy. They typically enjoy a quiet workspace that is free of distractions and disturbances.

Scorpio Man in Business

The Scorpio man is fiercely independent and will go all out to achieve anything that he has set his eyes on. They are individual performers and generally don’t like to mingle much with people. In most of their business endeavors, they find it extremely easy to gather wealth. They are known to be wise decision-makers and are extremely conservative and conscious of the money they spend. They are highly secretive and will never let the people around them know that their business is flourishing. They are constantly fearful of the fact that their business competitors will steal their business idea and this could have an adverse impact on their business. They hate it when people take advantage of them and their niceness.