Scorpio Compatibility

The eighth sign of the Zodiac chart, Scorpions are strong individuals. They are highly commanding and passionate. They love security and are also highly ambitious. These intelligent and highly motivated individuals are charming too. They are highly sensitive and cannot take insults with ease. They are vengeful and can flair up when unhappy. If they can channelize their potentials and skills, they can be some of the most successful individuals on the earth. Here we examine the compatibility of the twelve zodiac signs with Scorpio.
The union between a Scorpion and Arian will be filled with passion and excitement. Both these zodiac signs abide by justice and truth. While the Scorpion looks forward to intimate relationship, the Arian does not show enough interest towards this approach. One sharp difference between them is Arians tend to forget and forgive others easily, while Scorpions are vengeful and are deeply troubled by the hurts of others. If they develop enough understanding, they can make a good team.
Scorpio – Aries compatibility score: 25%
Though there are several things in common between a Scorpion and a Taurian, the possessiveness of the Scorpion and the jealous of the Taurian can harm their relationship. They might mutually suspect each other and stain their relationship due to this attitude. In order to raise the compatibility bar, they must learn to express their feelings frankly to the other partner. Both of them must be prepared to give the much needed space to the other person. If these measures are taken, they both can hope to find a happy life together.
Scorpio – Taurus compatibility score: 50%
The jealous, suspecting and possessive Scorpions are careless and highly diplomatic. Tough brilliant and active, the Geminians can never put up with the jealousy attitude and the vengeful approach of the Scorpions. Geminians wish to socialize and be outgoing. The Scorpions are happy with secretive life and never like to come to the limelight. In their activities and approach, both of them are like the North Pole and the South Pole. Therefore if they come together on marital bond, they must struggle hard to keep the relationship green.
Scorpio – Gemini compatibility score: 25%
Scorpions can find their best partner in a Capricornian. The capricornians are highly sensitive and tenacious. They are also ambitious and highly caring. Most of their traits are admired by the Scorpions. They have a lot of qualities in common and are therefore strongly bonded. Scorpion will always like to support the Capricornian besides giving adequate protection. In turn the Capricornian will show a lot of care and affection to his Scorpion partner. A strong sexual attraction they enjoy is an added bonus to nurture their relationship.
Scorpio – Cancer compatibility score: 80%
The arrogant Leos are very proud while the Scorpions are jealous and possessive. Their union often gets to the boiling point and stains their happy going life. Though they are drawn towards each other through physical charm, they will find their partner incompatible with them in several ways. Therefore they cannot bear to stay with each other in the long run. The dominating and outgoing nature of the Leo will never be tolerated by the Scorpion. Bringing together these two zodiac signs will only result in an unfavorable end to both of them.
Scorpio – Leo compatibility score: 15%
Despite their contrasting natures, Scorpions and Virgos can make a wonderful match with each other. The highly organized, critical and exact Virgos will respect the Scorpions and stay committed to them. the factors that go against each other in their union is the secretive nature of the Scorpion as against the frank approach of the Virgos. While the Virgos are attracted by the magnetic personality of the Scorpions, they will do their bit to overcome the negative side of their compatibility and work for mutual benefit.
Scorpio – Virgo compatibility score: 85%
While Scorpions and Librans come together, we find a highly challenging game ahead of them. They are in a position to learn from each other and make some adjustments in their attitude and behavior to see that their relationship is sustained and strengthened. Though the Librans are easy going, intelligent and charismatic, they must learn the value of love and intimacy from Scorpions. In the same way, the serious and possessive Scorpions must learn from Libran how to respect the freedom of the other person. Once these adjustments are made, they will find their relationship interesting.
Scorpio – Libra compatibility score: 25%
A strong will power and charismatic personality are the hallmarks of a Scorpion. The stubborn and bold Scorpions go to any extremes in their relationship. When they are in love, they will give their life to you. If they are corrupted by jealousy and vengeance, they can go to the extent of taking your life. The loyal and passionate lovers expect their partner to reciprocate the same attitude. Therefore they will both make a good pair. Though they can understand the other person very well, they hide their feelings inside their deepest selves and this is a real problem in their relationship. Once the two Scorpions understand each other, they can form a very good union.
Scorpio – Scorpio compatibility score: 83%
In the coming together of a Scorpion and a Sagittarian, we find water and fire merging into a union. Though the relationship can be inspiring and exciting in the beginning, a lot of problems and misunderstandings await the pair. The energetic, adamant and assertive Sagittarians can add some spice into the lives of the Scorpions. Scorpions are very loyal and highly giving when it comes to love. They are highly serious about love and all other aspects of life. He strong and ambitious Scorpions must try to give their best to their Scorpion partner to see that they can thrive well in the long run together.
Scorpio – Sagittarius compatibility score: 25%
Most traits are similar between Scorpions and Capricorninas. They both are highly vindictive and obstinate. They are highly prone to suspicions. When they come together in a relationship, there are a lot of chances for quarrels and dissentions. However, the practical and hard headed Capricornian can forgive the emotional and suspecting Scorpion to let the relationship flourish. When it comes to financial security, both of them stand on the same platform to work for it. Therefore there are good chances for this pair to enjoy a compatible life if they accommodate the interests of the other person.
Scorpio – Capricorn compatibility score: 85%
If a Scorpion and an Aquarian must come together, they must learn to give the much needed space to each other. Aquarians are highly irritated with the possessive attitude of the Scorpions and the highly dominating Scorpions are nagging all the time. While the Aquarians love freedom and oscillate between moods, the Scorpions can never put up with them. The emotional and sensitive Scorpions highly demand a great care from their partner which the Aquarians can hardly give them. Except for the physical chemistry they enjoy, they never have anything in common that can keep their relationship going.
Scorpio – Aquarius compatibility score: 15%
Both these partners belong to the water sign and can make a great pair enabled by their several compatible qualities. The highly energetic Scorpions are also highly determined and stubborn. At the same time their jealousy and possessive attitude is always a negative side to their personality. The good thing is a Piscean can understand a Scorpion very well and accept the Scorpion’s rule in their relationship. The possessive nature of the Scorpion will be viewed by the Piscean as a protective measure and therefore they will in fact enjoy it. They both can understand each other very well and live happily for a long time in harmony and peace.
Scorpio – Pisces compatibility score: 80%