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When it comes to managing a career, there is no better Zodiac sign than the Scorpio. They make great managers and believe in seeking solutions to problems. They are very focussed and determined to achieve what is best for them. Because of their penetrating, magnetic personalities, they know how to probe further and make sure to get what they want. If you are working with a Scorpio, make sure you don’t rub them the wrong way. Scorpios want respect and not appreciation in return for their tasks. Similarly, they need to feel respect for people they are working with. As disciplined workers, they are good at saving money and are not afraid to work harder to achieve bigger goals in life.

Scorpio Horoscope - Career

Scorpions are emotional at heart. They follow their passions. Highly motivating and stimulating environment helps much in their career growth. They like to grow in fields where expert knowledge and research is extremely essential. Any profession in which analysis, investigation, research or dealing with the solving of mysteries are present appeals to Scorpio. They grow well as they communicate the power of their convictions. Happy to toil away on their own on complex and confidential matters they can work long hours and withstand lots of pressure in order to crack it, to win through and succeed. Sometimes they are more passionate with their work than they are with important persons in their lives.
Suitable profession and professional fields
The suitable professional industries for them include diplomacy, defence, medicine, research, cereal trade, docks, stores, court, steel and iron, nuclear weapon designs, submarines, arms and ammunitions, cooking oils, beverages, petroleum, and industrial gases . They can excel as doctor, scientist, detective, lawyer, chemist, surgeons, pathologist, psychologist, hypnotherapist, investigator, gynecologist, law enforcement officer, policemen/women, investment brokers, biochemist, business managers, psychologists, consultant, and industrialists, uncover agents, armed forces personnel.
Natives born with Scorpio sun sign are known for lavish lifestyle. They invest shrewdly and wisely. They have well ordered finances aimed at conserving wealth. Most scorpion natives have a habit of saving regularly. They have very good intuitive abilities and often, they win good bets in financial risks or investments. They always invest with long term plans and very seldom they like to talk about their financial status.
The children with Scorpio Sun Sign are filled with energy, are very emotional and attentive. Scorpions excel with routine practice. To grow, they need structured and disciplined life. Blessed with astute mind and hard working nature, they straight forward go to the core area. Blessed with good logic, intuition and thinking pattern, their opinion, views, strategies become rigid and unchanging with passing time.
Discussed above are General professional behaviour of Scorpio born individuals. But it has been observed that within Scorpio sign only, if an individual is born between specific degree range- he or she is marked by characteristics and profession. Some of these are mentioned as-
Natives Born between 1 to 3 Degrees of Scorpio Sun sign
Good with analytical abilities, logics and rationality they excel in life as mathematicians, logicians and ethnologists
Natives Born between 3 to 6 Degrees of Scorpio Sun sign
With belief in karma and destiny, interest in divine, love for unity and wholeness they excel in life as philosophers, dramatis tics, engravers, brewers and distillers.
Natives Born between 6 to 9 Degrees of Scorpio Sun sign
Being good with drawing, construction planning, keen sight and analysis they can excel as architects, civil engineers, fencers, musicians, surveyors, painters, photographers, opticians and watch makers.
Natives Born between 9 to 12 Degrees of Scorpio Sun sign
With good ability to concentrate on minute point, sharpness, precision they can excel in life as mathematicians, astronomers, geometricians, bankers, aviators, philologist, publisher and shorthand writers.
Natives Born between 12 to 15 Degrees of Scorpio Sun sign
With facile command over language and good at paper work they can excel as grammarians, journalists, litterateurs, dramatists, novelists, librarians, stationers, book sellers and paper manufacturers.
Natives Born between 15 to 18 Degrees of Scorpio Sun sign
Being blessed with keen precision and good at feeling sensations they excel as Musicians, perfumers, botanists, poets, painters and furniture dealers.
Natives Born between 18 to 21 Degrees of Scorpio Sun sign
Good at arguments and satire, doubting, vision they can excel as lawyers, orators, chauffeurs, postmen, railway men, chemists and astronomers.
Natives Born between 21 to 24 Degrees of Scorpio Sun sign
With inborn instinct of curiosity, anxiety, prophesying, intellectual interest they can excel as meteorologists, prophets, teachers and thinkers
Natives Born between 24 to 27 Degrees of Scorpio Sun sign
Blessed with enthusiasm, ardor they can excel as orators, scholars, carpenters and railway men.
Natives Born between 27 to 30 Degrees of Scorpio Sun sign
With belief in luck, speculation, theorizing they can excel as stock brokers, scientists, astrologers, music composers, sugar merchant, grocers, inventors and dancers. keeping with the principles of promise, originality, compromise, uniqueness these individual excel in life as politicians and innovators.