Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius Woman

She is a curious and restless soul and prefers to seek the truth in all circumstances. She literally wants the “Answers to Everything”. Enjoyer of life, she loves to experience every life moment to the fullest. She is open-minded; intellectually stimulating and someone who loves to share her opinion in all circumstances.

Sagittarius Woman in Sexuality

Though she is spontaneous and innovative, she is highly clumsy when it comes to her sexual endeavors. While being shy, she is extremely child-like too. She expects her partner to take her childishness into his stride and never expect her to change. He should laugh with her, guide and motivate her and give her enough time and space to explore her dreams and life goals.

Sagittarius Woman in Relationships

A Sagittarius woman takes all her relationships extremely seriously. She loves her gang and will make every attempt to make them happy and satisfied. In this endeavor, she sometimes lands up crossing the line and thus gets perceived as being too pushy and unrealistic. She loves to spend time outdoors and typically like things to be quick and fast-paced. “Slow and steady wins the race” is definitely not her love mantra.

Sagittarius Woman in Love

A Sagittarius woman falls in love quickly and loves her partner passionately. Because of this weakness of hers, she gets easily tricked. She yearns for happiness and is quite picky when it comes to her partner. She always wants him to be the best and the most perfect. The Sagittarius woman in love is surely trustworthy and straightforward. She needs to be friends with you before she can open up to you as her lover. Fun to be with, she loves to let her hair down from time to time.

Sagittarius Woman in Compatibility

Funny, witty, idealistic and honest, this lady seeks excitement and adventure and will not settle for anything that’s monotonous or boring. A Sagittarius woman generally looks for burning hot love and that is why she can develop a strong liking for an Aries man. The Archer and the Ram are both socially super active but at the same time they both are extremely idealistic too.

Sagittarius Woman in Career

These women are the intellectual kind and are always inquisitive to learn new things. But they also get bored very easily. The Sagittarius women do extremely well as teachers, lawyers, ministers, counselors, accountants etc. The strong Sun in their charts makes them a happy and wealthy scholar and someone who is skilled in using both their hands and machines. A stringent follower of rules and regulations, these ladies find it a little difficult to adapt easily to changing trends.

Sagittarius Woman in Business

A strong Saturn in their charts makes the Sagittarius woman more inclined to businesses focusing on wood, forests, spirituality and social services. These women do not get easily strayed away by fame or money and are pretty grounded as such. Typically good in thoughts, words and deed, they are quiet honest when it comes to their business dealings.