Sagittarius Personality Horoscope

Sagittarius in one Line - Enthusiastic, optimistic, philosophical and restless

Inborn Desire - To attain liberty

Energetic, inquisitive and optimistic, a Sagittarius – half man, half horse is the traveller among the 12 Zodiac Signs. They are modern and broad-minded in their approach to life and this helps them explore arenas far and wide. They are generally extroverts, so high energy that sometimes it becomes difficult to curb their enthusiasm. They are easily bored and thrive in rapidly changing environments.

Sagittarius Horoscope-Personality

What Sagittarius Born Individual Enjoy
With love for freedom, they enjoy being at exotic places. They enjoy watching a herd of stallions galloping across the plains. Jumping onto a train or plane or car and setting off into the sunset makes them happy. A room piled with books from top to bottom, a royal dog at their side and a nice drink at end of day make them relaxed.
Positive Traits
Humane, hasty, dynamic, jovial, sincere, optimistic, versatile, frank, visionary, happy, humble, orthodox, inspiring
Negative Traits
Over anxious, restless, careless, boastful, irresponsible, argumentative, uncommitted
Handwriting Style
Usually the handwriting style of Sagittarius is a little sloppy but the words are legible. Often it gives an impression that the writing was done in hurry. It was done in a hurry. The writing pattern is usually thin and loop-less.
Physical Attributes
Individuals born under the Sagittarius sun sign tend to have a pleasant, cheerful face, a broad forehead, bright, humorous almond shaped eyes, prominent nose and ears, big lower lip, long teeth and a friendly smile. They are often blessed with tall, well developed body structure. They may have light brown hair, bent shoulders, fleshy arms, fat thighs, fleshy belly, round-limbed. They often make sweeping gestures with Their arms and hands and have an active body. They are often blessed with graceful look and beautiful figure. They have a well proportioned and a well developed body. Their looks are unplanned. They dress according to their mood.
Mental Tendencies
Individuals born under the Sagittarius Sun Sign are full of life, grace, harmony, beneficiation, completion and will in action. Broadly they enjoy travel, exploring and continuously striving for adventurous experiences. Being ambitious and filled with optimism nothing can stop them. They are believers, and what they believe in, they are willing to fight it out! They are generous, bold, good hearted, persistent, ambitious, aspiring, good tempered, just, frank, free, cheerful, charitable and friendly. They look at the bright side of the things and are filled with self confidence. During obstacles, they are at their best. They have an inherent need to feel free and sometimes they make this choice at the expense of family. Their habit to take decisions and actions at last minute often cause them problems. On other hand, often lucky in life things come easy to them. They are warm, friendly, loyal and independent at the same time. They make their own principles in life and get abided by them.
Parts of Body Ruled and Health
Sign Sagittarius rules over hips, thighs, sciatic nerve, arterial system especially arteries, and sacral bones, gluteus and Sartorius muscles, pelvis, femur, sacrum, loins. They may get affected with gout, rheumatic pain, hip fracture, lung troubles, ulcer, pulmonary apoplexy, injuries to hips and thighs, baldness, disorder of lower extremities, falls, dislocation of femur, leg disorders. With rising age they have a tendency to put on weight especially on hips, buttocks and thighs. To stay fit and to avoid those extra inches they should maintain regular exercise pattern, jogging, hiking can help them in big way.
Discussed above are General attributes of Sagittarius born individuals. But it has been observed that within Sagittarius sign only, If an individual is born between specific degree range- he or she is marked by notable features. Some of these are mentioned as-
Natives Born between 1 to 5 Degrees of Sagittarius Sun sign
Tall, broad shoulders, thick waist, long face, broad forehead, large eyebrows, nose and mouth, freckles, curly brown hair.
Natives Born between 5 to 10 Degrees of Sagittarius Sun sign
Middle stature, proportionate body, full reddish face, light brown hair, broad forehead, nice mouth and nose.
Natives Born between 10 to 15 Degrees of Sagittarius Sun sign
Medium height, full fat face and body, well set limbs, fair complexion, gray eyes, light eyebrows, light flaxen hair
Natives Born between 15 to 20 Degrees of Sagittarius Sun sign
Lusty, strong, good stature, longish face, hollow wyes, brownish complexion, broad forehead, thick lips, long arms, flattish nose, modest countenance
Natives Born between 20 to 25 Degrees of Sagittarius Sun sign
Middle stature, well proportioned, clear complexion, oval face, light chestnut hair, gray eyes, thin lips, pleasant countenance
Natives Born between 25 to 30 Degrees of Sagittarius Sun sign
Rather tall, pleasant countenance, round face, clear skin, mixed red complexion, good features, hooked nose.