Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius Man

He is a vagabond and a hard-core traveler, but remember one thing; the Sagittarius man is never lost. An eternal seeker, his mind always searches for the truth, wisdom, knowledge, beauty and intelligence. He is always on the lookout for answers pertaining to soul-searching questions and you know what, he generally finds the answers to most of them!

Sagittarius Man in Sexuality

This man doesn’t lack creativity and innovativeness thus a sexual encounter with him is always fun. Since he is ruled by the planet Jupiter, he wants everything in abundance and in massive quantities.

Sagittarius Man in Relationships

Simplicity runs in his veins but not stability. He can be highly unreliable when it comes to a few relationships but you really can’t help it because that’s a characteristic of his true nature.

Sagittarius Man in Love

He is a believer of true love and once he lays his faith on you, he will be yours forever. He is highly attractive and his infectious smile can make you go weak in your knees. A date with him will never be boring, provided the things you plan have a dash of adventure associated with them. He can be crazy and make you do insane things with him, but trust him; he is highly rational at heart.

Sagittarius Man in Compatibility

A Sagittarius man is super comfortable with an Aries woman. They make a great pairing since both are highly ambitious, curious, active, and spontaneous. Both love to indulge in exercise and sports together. The Aries woman truly misses a philosophical side to an argument and thankfully the Sagittarius man will fulfill that need of hers. Expect them both to go rock climbing, river rafting, bungee jumping etc.

Sagittarius Man in Career

A Sagittarius man as an employee is very versatile, knowledgeable and intelligent. They are easy going and tend to adapt easily to changing situations. These men to extremely well in careers pertaining to publishing, veterinary sciences, religious roles like a clergy or a priest, animal training, importers and interpreters, teachers or instructors.

Sagittarius Man in Business

Being a fire sun sign, the Sagittarius men are extremely independent and free-spirited. They are extremely talented and hold immensely large creative pursuits. Constant knowledge seeker, they yearn to stride every road on the earth to satisfy their creative and intellectual pursuits. This man will typically refrain from opting for a 9 to 5 job and pick up roles or businesses that challenge him and put his true potential to test. A Sagittarius man will find a great business partner in a Leo. This duo can work very effectively under pressure, though they may disagree on some key decisions. But nonetheless, they hold a strong respect and liking for one another. Because of his love for travelling, a Sagittarius Man holds a good penchant for foreign languages. He loves to learn new languages and use this hobby to earn money too by becoming an interpreter. This role holds a lot of variety and is mentally stimulating too for a typical Sagittarius Man.