2019 Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Jan 01, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019
Sagittarius, a bold sign of the zodiac faces some restlessness where emotions are concerned. This restlessness will be felt frequently in love relations and possible that either of you both demand change. The changes could be created easily and often the transition will be smoother one.

But if you resist the change, you will find that you are experiencing more freedom and comfort in the existing relation.If single, then this year brings changes in your personality. Now you will exhibit your true inner self into your personality. These changes will bring out your inner qualities to the fore. It is not easy to get the person of your choice. In order to fulfil your desire, it is possible that you may be easily discouraged, misunderstood or blamed for the things for which you are not responsible. But it will not be permanent. The things will be realigned and readjusted in between the year but again surface up during the last quarter. So when this situation arises, patiently handle it. Losing patience will just add up against your situation. This year also promises wedding bells for singles.

Married ones will go through good sail only if you keep your aggression under check, which is likely get threaten if your will is blocked. Don’t lower down your anger due to external pressures. This will create ripples in your domestic environment. Your pushiness will create antagonism and resistance from your partner. Irritability of any sort will make you lose your temper. Avoid handling sharp instruments or driving when in haste or upset. Meditation and patience is the right key to adjust your love life.

Sagittarius Horoscope - Love and Relationship

Natives born under the Sagittarius Sun Sign are quick to enter in a relationship and build them but they lack commitment. The married life is generally happy and prosperous. They make friendship with their sweet smiles and quick wit. They are people of morality and dignity though maturity comes late in life. Flirtation is not unusual to them. They are energetic souls who are stimulated by intelligence and passion of their partners. Usually truthful, they like openness in relations. They often lack tact and can say blunt truth on face of others. They are easy going natives but if partner tries to control them they will be the first to end the relationship. Given plenty of space and encouragement they can enjoy extremely good, lasting relationship. they like to work a little for love. Once in relationship they honour their commitments and their words are as good as gold.
Sagittarius Parent
Sagittarian parents use travels, adventure as educational tool for their children. They encourage children risk taking and exploring abilities. They often develop a relationship of friend with their children. In this entire gamut discipline takes a back seat.
Sagittarius Children
Jolly and enthusiastic, Sagittarian children are born with an inquisitive mind. Very active and agile they are involved in many activities at same time. They excel in an environment that provides them with opportunity of self expression. Being careless in initial years they develop the sense of responsibility at later age.
Below are different possible pairing of Sagittarius Sign
Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility
A good perfect match of these two mates as both are fond of outdoors and are intellectually suited to each other. They have a common interest and they love to talk with each other. Both enjoy in each other's company. The argument raised between them is settled down after a while. Aries should adjust well with the easygoing attitude of Sagittarius to make the relationship worthy. They are good friends than pair of lovers.
Sagittarius and Taurus Compatibility
Future is very short for this couple as they had a lot of indifferences between them rather than similarities. Sagittarius hates constancy, discipline, steadiness and staying at home but Taurus is extremely opposite to him. He loves all those qualities of Sagittarius that is hated by him. Financially also, Sagittarius lives for today but Taurus is more concerned about tomorrow. One is spendthrift and other one believes in saving money. The contrast between them may sometimes give rise to problems in their relationship.
Sagittarius and Gemini Compatibility
The two opposite signs that enjoys very much in each other's company. This is very successful and long-lasting relationship as both are imaginative, intelligent, fun-loving, hardworking and dynamic people. At times, problems may arise in their relationship but they are soon being solved instead of getting worse. Their relationship is deep, intense and worthy.
Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility
The relationship doesn't work well as they are unable to understand each other. They are better as friends. Emotional and blunt Sagittarius often hurts Cancer emotionally. Sagittarius is fun and freedom loving and he can't provide the security Cancer demands from him. Cancer is moody and jealous; Sagittarius is careless and blindly optimistic. This relationship can work, but it may require a little more determination than some other combinations.
Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility
It is a very forceful combination when two Fire signs meet, as they usually spur each other on in all sorts of ways, and makes the best use of any opportunities that arise. They share a need for a warm, loving relationship and are often very passionate. The jealousy and possessiveness have no place in their relationship. Both enjoy in each other's company, and are extrovert, fun loving, freedom loving and meeting people.
Sagittarius and Virgo Compatibility
The combination of Fire and Earth sign doesn't makes a grand match as they have more differences than similarities between them. Virgo is shy, practical, intelligent and conservative; Sagittarius is straightforward, jovial, careless and intellectual. Their intelligence power can help them to make a good combination. Virgo needs long term commitment and simplicity but Sagittarius loves freedom and excitement.
Sagittarius and Libra Compatibility
These Sun Signs makes a good combination as both are impressed by each other's personality and behaviour. Both are easy going and enjoy good things in life without taking it seriously. Both are spendthrift and spend money carelessly. Libra is attracted by Sagittarius jovial and freedom-loving attitude and Sagittarius is fascinated by Libra's easygoing, idealistic and sociable attitude. Libra is home loving but Sagittarius loves to be out.
Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility
A volatile combination between these two couples makes them romantic. The relationship is difficult to be success as Sagittarius is very short-tempered and Scorpio's anger seethes until it erupts in fury. Sagittarius is extrovert and out-going but Scorpio's tries to keep him in cage. Sagittarians are not really serious enough for Scorpions. Scorpio is jealous with Sagittarian. The relationship goes on only when Sagittarian is totally committed to the relationship.
Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility
Perfectly suited to each other as they are independent, freedom loving, creative and energetic. They have a warm and loving relationship. They have a tendency to bring out the worst in each other. This combination works either very well or it ends. They have lot in common; beginning from positive to negative aspect of behaviour. They should spend money carefully.
Sagittarius and Capricorn Compatibility
Attraction of opposites signs works in this case. Both have high aspirations in life but their approaches are totally different. Sagittarius is sociable and expansive while Capricorn is secretive and cautious about money. Sagittarius's frank outspoken nature is sure to rile Capricorn's sensibilities. Sagittarius is unable to fill Capricorn's demand. Stability in relationship is necessary for this couple.
Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility
Good chances of successful relationship as both are social and fun-loving creatures. They are neither jealous of each other nor do they impose any restrictions in their relationship. They inspire each other intellectually and have same degree of commitment. AQUARIUS is inventive and Sagittarius is visionary. Good understanding and appreciation are the two things which both demand from each other.Sagittarius is jovial, straightforward, irresponsible and careless.
Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility
Sagittarius is practical, active, independent and restless ; Pisces is dreamer, imaginative, dependent and home-loving. Though many differences exist between this couple but their relationship remains interesting and sincere. Their life is full of confusion as they are at times best and may be worst to each other in their relationship. Unless both partners are able to understand each other well, the relationship does not promise much.