Sagittarius Health Horoscope

As per the Sagittarius health horoscope or astrology prediction for health, the year 2018 will see a Jupiter transit into the 12th house for health. In case, you are Scorpio or have peeps around who are you might like to update them on the same. Having Jupiter in the 12th house means that you will be in for a lot of exploration, learning as well as new understanding. You might end up learning something more about life as well as know how things such as astrology and philosophy can actually be educative.

There are a couple of stressful planets for you. Health will see direct improvement after the beginning of August this year. You cannot ignore health but then you will have to pay it ample attention. There will be no sickness or major ailments but then again you can benefit from having measures that are precautionary.

Pluto is lodged in Sagittarius and will continue to be lodged for a number of years as well. You will have to ensure that there is no issue with your physical appearance in a bid to go a mile ahead to detox. Physical attributes can be changed with dieting and the like, but then again, you have to be careful that these do not interfere with your health.

There will also be ample stress on you but then you have to feel loved. Make sure you are always in tune with the fact that you are very valuable. If there arises a health issue, you will probably realize that it has a basis in a love or fiscal problem. Make sure you clear up these pending stuff first and then go on ahead to sort your health out.

Once disharmony is cleared off, you can go ahead and sort your health for once and for all. Your health planet is Venus. The planet is ruler of kidneys and hips. Make sure you massage your hips, thighs and buttocks regularly. There are ways to take care of your kidneys too. Try going in for the natural processes. Remember that Venus belongs to the category of short term planets and these therapies will have to be continued over months. For now, you know how to make a beginning. Go ahead!

Astrology will help you understand what route to tread. It is safe to believe in planets and read what the stars have destined for us from time to time at least.