Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius is the 9th sign in the zodiac chart. Sagittarians are adventure seekers. They love to travel and are also highly philosophical in life. They love fun and provide a good company. They are highly curious and seek to explore life. They do not get cheated by the appearances. They plunge deeply to unravel the mystery and nature of things. They are often blunt and frank in expressing their opinions. They are a rare breed of individuals who can significantly contribute to this world through their ideas and revolutionary zeal. Here we explore the compatibility of different zodiac signs with Sagittarius.
Sagittarians and Arians can together make a highly compatible pair. Their life will be filled with passion, energy and enthusiasm. Such wonderful traits strengthen their relationship and make them deeply love each other. They both can enjoy each other’s company and can together fight the difficulties of life making a strong team. They are bent upon adventures and seeking freedom. If they learn to respect the other person’s need for freedom, they can make a great pair.
Sagittarius – Aries compatibility score: 80%
The qualities of both these zodiac signs are complementary to each other. They will be attracted to the other partner with a strong passion. However, the basic differences they share in their tendencies keep them apart from each other. Taurians love to sit at the comfort of home and enjoy life in a relaxed manner. The Sagittarians love to move about and socialize. Taurians must use their intelligence to balance the impulsive nature of the Sagittarians. Once they learn to accommodate each other’s expectations, they can move along wonderfully well.
Sagittarius – Taurus compatibility score: 25%
Both Sagittarians and Geminians are easily agitated and enter into arguments. They hate monotony and cannot stick to the regular routines of life. They like the life of adventure and socializing. While the Sagittarians like to volunteer for some good cause, the Geminians can never comfortable with the idea. Geminians are easy going and are never serious about life. Sagittarians are highly philosophical and focus on the abstract aspects of life. Since both these partners are highly flexible and accommodative, they can easily overcome their differences and move along in their married life successfully.
Sagittarius – Gemini compatibility score: 50%
Sagittarians are frank, intelligent and philosophical. Cancerians are highly vulnerable and also empathetic. Sagittarians will find it hard to understand the emotional side of the Cancerians. With their humor and friendly attitude, they will try their best to give comfort and happiness to Cancerians. But the Cancerians can never come out of their mood swings which will irritate the Sagittarians. While the Sagittarians are outgoing and sociable, the Cancerians wish to stay inside the comfortable portals of their own home. Therefore several things are incompatible between them making this a poor match. To do well as a pair, they must adjust several things.
Sagittarius – Cancer compatibility score: 25%
Sagittarians and Leos enjoy a wonderful chemistry and a romantic temperament. Their relationship is always warm and highly passionate. Leos are highly possessive and would never let the Sagittarians enjoy the much wanted freedom. Nevertheless, they can form a great match and go on adventures. They will meet new people and visit some exotic destinations together. Often the Leos develop jealousy towards the flirtatious nature of the Sagittarians which can cause some disturbances in their relationship.
Sagittarius – Leo compatibility score: 80%
Virgos are prone to criticizing others. Often they complain about the Sagittarians which will annoy them and disturb the peaceful coexistence. Virgos can look things deeply. The Sagittarians are too impulsive and immune to understanding the commitments they have towards relationships in life. Therefore they cannot make a good match. However, if they must come together on marital bond, they must respect the other person’s feelings and decisions. They must cultivate a mutual understanding and forgive one another’s shortcomings to maintain the relationship in a stable manner.
Sagittarius – Virgo compatibility score: 15%
Sagittarians and Librans have an amazing level of compatibility. Librans seek harmony and balance in life. Sagittarians are fun loving and outgoing. They are intelligent too. One downside to Librans is their frequent mood swings and indecisive nature. Librans always seek the protecting and guiding role of the Sagittarians. Sagittarians must cultivate an empathetic understanding of their Libran partner and show a god amount of care that they will always cherish and reciprocate. If this is done, their relationship will flourish and see its bright days all along.
Sagittarius – Libra compatibility score: 85%
In the relationship of a Scorpion and a Sagittarian, we find a water sign and fire sign coming together. Tis pair can be interesting and exciting. Sagittarians are energetic, brave and garrulous. They can always add some fun and excitement to the life of Scorpions. While being loyal and passionate lovers, Scorpions are also possessive and vindictive. While Scorpions are serious about everything in life, Sagittarians take things lightly. Therefore there could be a lot of incompatible areas between them. They must work hard to nurture their relationship to fruition.
Sagittarius – Scorpio compatibility score: 25%
Sagittarians wish to fly as independent birds. They wish to have a lot of fun in life. They seek adventure and exploration of life and the world around. They like to party and socialize and make friends. Since two Sagittarians share these common traits, they can always get along so very well in life. On the other hand, since Sagittarians are frank and blunt in expressing their opinions, it is most likely that they both can clash at times ruining their peace. If this is taken care and they act diplomatically, they will find their moonshine days.
Sagittarius – Sagittarius compatibility score: 82%
The impatient, intelligent and outspoken Sagittarians are going to have a lot of things uncommon with the sincere, aloof and nervous Capricornians. Sagittarians like to enjoy life by being extroverts. They do not care much about anything for the sake of being happy and at peace. Capricornians are lonely. At the same time they are loyal and trustworthy. Staying in the background, Capricornians will help the Sagittarians to achieve their cherished goals in life. The highly garrulous Sagittarians never get bored with the company of a Capricornian. Though they are like opposite poles, they can try their best to strike some compatibility in their match.
Sagittarius – Capricorn compatibility score: 25%
Sagittarians and Aquarians share a lot of similar interests. They both like to go on adventures and socialize with the world. They love excitements in life. They both are easy going and take life as it comes without complaining much. They like to dwell in intellectual conversations and are never under the spell of emotions. They both can let the other person free and also support them whenever necessary. Though they share different kinds of temperaments, they will never find it difficult to get along with each other in a harmonious manner.
Sagittarius – Aquarius compatibility score: 85%
Both Pisceans and Sagittarians love fun and excitement. They are highly romantic and can give their best to satisfy their partner. The Sagittarians are energetic and passionate. The Pisceans on the other hand are non-resistant and too sensitive. Except for a few differences, they both are highly compatible and can hope to find a lasting and happy bond. It is however, highly essential that they take steps to understand each other and adjust with their partner.
Aquarius – Pisces compatibility score: 15%