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Sagittarius in one Line - Enthusiastic, optimistic, philosophical and restless

Inborn Desire - To attain liberty

Sagittarian individuals are full of ideas and if they think an idea is good enough to become something big, they will chase unto the sun! The problem is they think every idea is such! They get straight to the point, not mincing their words, they are clear of what they want in life. All they need is the bigger picture and they will be raring to go. They enjoy creativity that stretches their imagination. They love to spend money as well as make money. However, they are always thinking about how to make more money and from where! They are risk takers.

Sagittarius Horoscope - Career

Natives born under the Sagittarius Sun Sign are known as free spirits. They excel in professions that offers them freedom and mental stimulation. They like frequent changes, work with free hand rather to be ordered to do. They do not prefer to sit tight at one place and work. They are versatile people and can be found in a number of professions. Many Sagittarians will be found in jobs that allow them to exercise their natural desire to see the world. They are aggressive, progressive, aspiring and quick to see end take the advantage of the situation and opportunity. They are always outspoken, to the point, straight and directly hit the mark. But their behaviour can be inconsiderate at times. They have nature of disturbing others in unnecessary way and they change their opinion often which needs correction.
Suitable profession and professional fields
The suitable professional industry for them include law, medicine, construction, company law, ayurvedic medicines, animal husbandry, vets, weapons, astrology, publishing house, travelling. They can excel as councilors, priest, sportsperson, advisers, teachers, lawyers, civil engineers, army commanders, writer, philosopher, explorer, travel guide, pilot, tutor, lecturer, interpreter, bookseller, publisher, personal trainer, doctor, editor, judge, translators, broadcasters, members of clergy.
Sagittarians are spendthrift. They have a tendency to take frequent risks and usually opt for quick and easy money. Often they are careless with investment and savings. They leave financial planning to chance and total trust, as a result they tend to lose heavily. In business they should opt for partnerships otherwise they might end up with huge debts. Better at adapting than inventing, they work well in collaboration with others.
Sagittarians are lively babies who love to smile and interact with everybody around. They love learning. They use language as weapons. They like to ask big questions and find meaning of life. They often prefer ideas to application. A careful explanation to do things in right way is important for young Sagittarians. Their enthusiasm can take them to heights. They excel in gaining education with rising age.
Discussed above are General professional behaviour of Sagittarius born individuals . But it has been observed that within Sagittarius sign only, If an individual is born between specific degree range- he or she is marked by characteristics and profession. Some of these are mentioned as-
Natives Born between 1 to 3 Degrees of Sagittarius Sun sign
Filled with ambition, spontaneity, desire to show and publicity, sensitive to opinions of others they excel in life as businessmen, artists or poets.
Natives Born between 3 to 6 Degrees of Sagittarius Sun sign
Good at imitation, acting, hypocrisy, emulation, importance they can excel in banking industry and as glass manufacturers
Natives Born between 6 to 9 Degrees of Sagittarius Sun sign
Filled with dedication and determination these individuals can excel as scientists and thinkers.
Natives Born between 9 to 12 Degrees of Sagittarius Sun sign
Blessed with sharp ear, having love of solitude and living a dignified life they can excel as scholars and musicians.
Natives Born between 12 to 15 Degrees of Sagittarius Sun sign
Good at repetition, organization, with interest in methods and division and love for tradition and possession they can excel as bankers, pawnbrokers, numismatists, ship-owners, anatomists, cytologists and criminologists
Natives Born between 15 to 18 Degrees of Sagittarius Sun sign
Industrious, pessimistic, with interest in past these people can excel as chronologists and palaeontologists
Natives Born between 18 to 21 Degrees of Sagittarius Sun sign
Good at numbering and counting they can excel as economists, financiers, bankers, insurance managers, mathematicians.
Natives Born between 21 to 24 Degrees of Sagittarius Sun sign
Abided by regulations, sense of duty, honesty, they excel as moral philosophers.
Natives Born between 24 to 27 Degrees of Sagittarius Sun sign
Blessed with sustained concentration, over specialization they can excel as hypnotists, payer of tennis, cricket or golf, railway men.
Natives Born between 27 to 30 Degrees of Sagittarius Sun sign
Blessed with expectant attitude, forethought they can excel as astrologers, prophets and statesmen.