Pisces Woman

The Pisces Woman

She is literally a mysterious, sensuous mermaid who is extremely adept at keeping secrets. Look at her dark, deep eyes and you will not get the slightest of idea that she is hiding something from you. She has an agile mind and can be both sensual and spiritual. Always searching for the deeper meanings of life, this lady is a real dreamer. Highly sensitive to the needs of all, she makes every attempt to establish a deep connection with the people around her.

Pisces Woman in Sexuality

She is shy and sensitive when it comes to matters related to sexuality. Her partner may even perceive her to be child-like in these matters. Basically, she yearns for a partner who understands her well before she can open up to him. Once she develops a trust in him, she will automatically become highly creative and experimental, not fearing at all, about trying out new things.

Pisces Woman in Relationships

A Pisces woman believes in the magic of relationships and will hold on to one as long as she feels inspired by it. Her biggest challenge is to deal with a feeling that she does not belong anywhere. Her partner needs to always support her because if he starts obstructing her, the relationship is over from her side.

Pisces Woman in Love

Dating a Pisces woman is always an attractive and exciting affair. She needs her partner to contribute towards building their relationship else it can turn her off completely. A die-hard romantic at heart, she loves her dates, birthdays, anniversaries and all the other special occasions of her life.

Pisces Woman in Compatibility

Being hopelessly romantic, this lady has a mountain full of expectations on the romantic front. Thus, she takes a while to decide on her ideal partner. The Crab (Cancer) and the Fish (Pisces) make a great combination. Both of them are highly emotional and sensitive and can reciprocate to each other’s feelings whole-heartedly. The Crab (Cancer man) provides the Fish (Pisces woman) with some much needed stability and security. A Cancer man is tender and loving, this quality of his, does wonders in keeping the Pisces woman happy and satisfied.

Pisces Woman in Career

These girls generally find it difficult to be on time and because of this feeling, they typically hate the 9 to 5 job. Photography as a career is a good choice for the Pisces woman. This career allows her to bring her unique vision of the world to life, thanks to the camera’s lens.

Pisces Woman in Business

A Pisces woman is a natural choice for the spirits business. These ladies have a strong affinity towards the perfect blend of liquors. An ideal business set up for them would be a classy bar with lovely soft music playing in the background, nice delicious finger food on the platter and like-minded people having intense conversations. These ladies also make good pharmacists since they are fascinated by the properties of substances and their effects on the human body.