Pisces Marriage Horoscope

The year 2018 seem to unfold on a mysterious note for the Pisces. While you will have many highs to back you all through this year, your astrology charts also predict the prevalence of a few lows. However worry not, dear Pisces, for Mars will be your guiding force this year. He will provide some much needed positive energy and a dash of excitement to all the Pisces natives. Old situations, old relationships, and old interests will come to the fore and will shift all the limelight towards you. Both the Pisces man and woman will be highly passionate and sympathetic towards the needs of others. This attribute of theirs will result in strong, healthy, and fulfilling relationships or marriage all through 2018.

Start with a bang

Astrology positions predict that 2018 will start with a bang for the Pisces man. But for this positive effect to continue till the rest of the year, you will need to be extremely effective with your communication skills since Mars is not going to be present in your horoscope the whole year around.

By the middle of the year, things may go a little haywire but you should bounce back on your feet towards the end of the year. It is advised to take special care while dealing with your marriage.

Neptune in your astrology charts

Neptune, your ruling planet, continues to play a crucial role in your life all through 2018. This will help you live your life as you desire. But remember, to stand grounded across all spheres of life. Mars starts to make his entry in your horoscope in 2018; this promises to bring more energy and vigor into your life. A solar eclipse is also predicted in your horoscope in February 2018, this will bless you with additional zeal and enthusiasm.

Impact of Venus

In April, this year, Venus goes into a retrograde mode; this can make a Pisces lazy especially the Pisces man. However, in the middle of October, Jupiter enters the zodiac house of the Scorpio which will have a positive influence on your horoscope. With this astrology movement, you will be brimming with optimism and will make an attempt to elevate your relationships to promising new avenues. This is an auspicious time for people seeking marriage.

Saturn also jumps from Sagittarius into Capricorn during the mid-December timeframe. This is the best time to shun the non-worthy relationships and focus on improving the worthy ones.

Love and Marriage

The love life of a Pisces is looking very promising and is bound to be highly dynamic all through 2018. Many of the eligible men and women would be on the lookout for an ideal life partner and would be successful in finding one too. Keep check on your feelings since your horoscope predicts that may get attracted to many partners. But eventually, there will be loyalty, commitment, and dedication as far as relationships are concerned. Don’t be impulsive on the relationship or marriage front as the repercussions could be manifold. In case of differences of opinion, talk to your partner since they will be more receptive this year. You will be blessed with umpteen opportunities to spend quality time with your partner, so make the best use of it!