Pisces Man

The Pisces Man

Represented by a pair of fish, the man of this final zodiac sign holds many characteristics. He is generous and unworldly and is generally focused on his soul’s true calling, his spiritual journey and the innate secrets of his existence. In short, his emotions and intuition motivate, define and drive him!

Pisces Man in Sexuality

The Pisces man generally has a tendency to follow the herd. He can get instantly carried away with the opinions of others and pretend to be someone that he is truly not. He holds his own preconceived notions about love and sexuality to such an extent that he lands up ignoring the feelings and expectations of his partner.

Pisces Man in Relationships

A Pisces man will give his 100% in any relationship as long as he feels a strong excitement towards it. He is finicky and his romantic endeavors undergo numerous upsurges and downsurges which can be both exciting and annoying to his partner. In such situations, it is best to leave him alone and let him choose his own path.

Pisces Man in Love

Dates with a Pisces man are romantic, magical and unanticipated. He treats his partner with utmost care and respect and is always ready to take her on an adventurous trip as long as he is allowed to be what he truly is. The moment someone pressurizes him or enforces his/her decision on him, the Pisces man is sure to run miles away.

Pisces Man in Compatibility

Being a water sign, the Pisces man is compatible with almost all other water signs – Cancer, Scorpio and other fellow Pisces. A Pisces man in love with a Cancer woman is probably the best match for both of them. Both of them communicate well at the spiritual and mental level. In complete sync with one another, both these sun signs always make an attempt to learn something vital from each other.

Pisces Man in Career

The Pisces man is sensitive, he is imaginative, impressionable and a lover of beauty and nature. Being soft and compassionate, they love to engage in healing professions like nursing, social work, and physiotherapy. They also make great fashion designers, journalists, media persons, astrologers, academicians etc. With the presence of the Moon in their charts, the Pisces man can become good government servants, technicians, engineers, and navigators.

Pisces Man in Business

Being intrinsic lovers of water, the Pisces men love businesses or professions that keep them near the sea. Their intuitive and metaphysical nature makes them pick up businesses around religion and psychology. Since they are ardent lovers of art, a Pisces man can also do very well in art franchising opportunities and other kinds of art related businesses. Since they are highly sensitive, they typically don’t do well when placed in positions of leadership or in highly stressful business centric roles. But nonetheless, put them as a head of a creative domain and they will do wonders. A Pisces man makes a great boss when made a head of the advertising department, radio and television publishing and even public relations where you are expected to think out-of-the-box.