2019 Pisces Love Horoscope

Jan 01, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019
This year 2019 is progressive for love and emotions for Pisces. The cosmos is providing energy that makes you passionate in love. Now you have courage to do, or something you have always wanted to do but haven’t had the chance to act out.

So this year is the right time to express yourself for the person for whom you feel emotional and is not able to approach.Your level of confidence is higher than usual. Now you can deal with the difficult situations better than before. You have got cosmic push to make your life better. Think about the ways by which you can make things happen in love and improve your life by working out on those guidelines.
Married ones may feel inhibited or confine to external pressures like career that may have effect on your marital relations. If you feel that the obligation of profession is interfering in your personal life then it is time to create the balance between these two. It is best to make choices that allow for movement in goals and plans that are working instead of the areas of life that are filled with endless confrontations and/or frustrations.

If you are committed then this year suggests to be patient. Power plays may exist in your relationship- that may be possibly from your side. Any deep running issue of recent past that may have been holding you – may come out. This may show drastic effect on your relationship. This may lead to insecurity making you too emotional to your relationship. Watch for getting upset soon or dark moods and sudden – unexplainable outbursts or any obsession or jealousy that you need to work out to make your relations run smoothly and harmoniously.

Pisces Horoscope - Love and Relationship

Natives born under the Pisces Sun Sign belong to an emotionally complex sign which is very hard to understand. Shy one minute and sociable the next they are confusing creatures for self as well as for others. The nature of duality prevails in their relationship also. Extremely romantic they can be terribly shrewd and impractical at same time. Though they are unfaithful, flirty too, at the same time they are forgiving. They know what their partner has in mind. To this, they respond thoughtfully. They are romantic lovers who allure their partners with frequent gifts. They are passionate, caring and sensitive towards their partner. Once committed, they remain attracted to their partners in romantic life. They are affectionate but reluctant at times whereas in other moments they will be amorous and affectionate. Usually they lead a happy married life. They are kind, sympathetic and loyal. For a happy and prosperous married life they should not doubt the partner.
Pisces Parent
Piscean are sensitive and caring parents for their young ones. Often they see their children as their replica and expect a greater success from them. Lacking in teaching discipline and importance of individuality often they make life for children challenging.
Pisces Children
The Piscean children are born day to be dreamers. Their talent and potential develop well in artistic and educational environments which attune their senses to discipline slowly but gradually. They should be taught of being honest in life. They are good at assessing things. Inharmonious environment usually make them upset.
Below are different possible pairing of Pisces Sign
Pisces and Aries Compatibility
The relationship is not much compatible as one partner is much aggressive (Aries) and other one (Pisces)is too sensitive and sentimental. Aries have a tendency to dominate over the imaginative Pisces. Pisces are generally romantic people and they try to impose this quality on aggressive Ariens who are driven more by their head rather than their hearts. On positive side , Aries does take up the cudgels on behalf of his /her Piscean partner & also helps him/her in taking important decisions.
Pisces and Taurus Compatibility
Very good combination between the Water and Earth sign. They make a lovely pair when together. Both are highly passionate and sensitive and share a great deal about all finer things of life. The Piscean feels secured with a strong and sympathetic Taurus. Taurus is practical and responds well to Pisces sensitivity.
Pisces and Gemini Compatibility
Pisces is dreamy, sensitive, possessive and emotional; Gemini is active, wiity, fun loving and practical. Gemini's witty and communicative attitude wins the Piscean heart and the Gemini is drawn towards emotional behaviour of the Piscean. The Gemini is also ready to discuss and spend his time with the Pisces mate. Good communication between them may make their relationship work very well.
Pisces and Cancer Compatibility
Sentimental partners make an ideal combination when they are together. Both being Water signs are romantic, sensitive and passionate. They don't want to roam here and there but love to be at home. They quarrel often when together but also reconcile pretty quickly with their mutual efforts and understanding. Both partners also attempt to appreciate each other in their own way.
Pisces and Leo Compatibility
Firey Leo and Watery Pisces had an ability to learn from each other. They are quite different from each other starting from their personality to their behaviour. Both believes in giving rather than taking for themselves. Leo extrovert nature clashes with Piscean unwordly attitude. Piscean sensitiveness often stand as a obstacle in the way of active Leo. The relationship surprisingly goes well as one gets adjusted with other.
Pisces and Virgo Compatibility
Signs which are great at some times and terrible at other times. Virgo needs lot of patience and understanding to cope up with sentimental and moody Pisces. However both can learn a lot from each other's positive and negative traits. Emotinally- both partners are satisfied with each other.
Pisces and Libra Compatibility
This is a reasonably good combination. The two mates are mutually attracted to each other. Their relationship works well for a longer period only when they are serious about it. Both are affectionate, home-loving, easy-going, creative and artistic people with similar interests. Piscean partner is a little more emotional and needs support from the Libran.
Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility
Intense and loyal relationship takes place between these two mates as both are ideal for each other. Both understand each other's feelings and emotions well. This makes the relationship last for a longer period. However Pisceans do not like the jealous and possessive traits of Scorpios. The Scorpio provides support and strength to the dependent Piscean.
Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility
Sagittarius is practical, active, independent and restless ; Pisces is dreamer, imaginative, dependent and home-loving. Though many differences exist between this couple but their relationship remains interesting and sincere. Their life is full of confusion as they are at times best and may be worst to each other in their relationship. Unless both partners are able to understand each other well, the relationship does not promise much.
Pisces and Capricorn Compatibility
Both are opposite to each other but still they provide a firm foundation for their lives. Both are impressed by positive qualities of each other. Pisces makes for a sympathetic, romantic and understanding mate for the Capricorn and in turn feels feels secured under strong, decisive and dominant Capricorn. Appreciation of each other's strengths can make this relationship wonderful.
Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility
Pisces is a water sign and Aquarius is an air sign. The relationship between a water and an air sign doesn't make a very compatible match. The independent Aquarius loves to enjoy freedom and the subdued piscean wants to cage him down. The aquarian is also likely to be intrigued by pisces' emotional depth and sensitivity. The Piscean's romantic behaviour however inspires fun loving Aquarius to be innovative. Dreams are reality for these people and they are aware of it.
Pisces and Pisces Compatibility
The two Water signs who are the image of one another make a good combination between them. Both are dependent, self-indulgent, confused and somewhat impractical towards reality. Both are not strong partners and they share kind of imbalanced partnership.However If one of the two is properly organized, there is a better chance of smooth relationship. The two Piscean partners have same kind of interests in every sphere.