Pisces Compatibility

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac chart. Pisceans are highly unique in their character and outlook towards life. In fact they are a bundle of paradoxes. They mean different personalities to different people. Some feel them selfless and compassionate while some others find them rigid and stubborn. They always live in their own world and tend to be detached and focused on their inner spiritual journeys. Hey never like to get entangled in conflicts and contradictions. They are peace loving and harmonious.
Pisceans are highly sensitive and emotional individuals. They can subject their partners to mixed feelings, sometimes making them happy and sometimes pushing them into sorrow. Strongly differing from the Arians, Pisceans are very shy and highly adamant. They always like to be ruled and directed in life. Arians highly admire the soft and gentle nature of the Pisceans. Though there are a lot of incompatibilities between their tendencies, the intelligence of the Arians and the tenderness of the Pisceans can help them sort out the differences and move along smoothly.
Pisces – Aries compatibility score: 25%
This pair is highly compatible in the way they have qualities that complement each other. However, there are some differences in their temperaments that might bring in some troubles in their happy life. Taurians love simple life. They are highly practical and down to earth. The Pisceans on the other hand are thoroughly unclear of how to approach the issues and problems of life. Taurians are highly attracted by the compassion and softness of the Pisceans. While coming together, they will have fewer quarrels and will find a happy life together if a bit of adjustment is made to suit the other person.
Pisces – Taurus compatibility score: 85%
Both Pisceans and Geminians are highly resilient. They are very much open to new views and ideas. They can adjust very well if they go that extra mile. However, the big problem comes due to their contrasting approaches to life and marriage. Geminans are like free flowing water. They do not like to be contained. The Pisceans want a caring and powerful partner and cannot tolerate the easy going and sociable nature of their Geminian partner. Therefore it is most likely that they will enter into a lot of misunderstandings and frictions. To sort out the differences and move the union towards compatibility, the Geminian should cultivate some sensitivity and the Piscean must move towards practicality.
Pisces – Gemini compatibility score: 15%
Bothe these partners belong to water signs and therefore can understand and accommodate the other person’s feelings and needs. Cancerians derive a lot of inspiration from their Piscean partner. Pisceans are highly loving and caring. They will be a perennial source for the Cancerians to draw so much love, support and kindness. Pisceans are mostly weak and highly sensitive. At times, they can be adamant and rebellious if they do not find their needs met. The love and care of Cancerians can help resolve all the conflicts that arise between them and make the union highly successful in the long run. Therefore this is a great match that we can strongly approve.
Pisces – Cancer compatibility score: 80%
Leos are born leaders. They wish to rule whether it is family or their professional place. The Pisceans do not mind being ruled and they in fact look forward to a caring and protecting partner. Therefore we can expect a strong bond to flourish between them resulting in a strong affection. While the Leos appreciate Piscean’s tranquility and compassion, Pisceans are enamored by the charming personality of the Leos. They must capitalize on the compatible aspects of their personalities and build a solid union that will last for long. Leos need to work hard to bring the Pisceans out of their closed shell and be expressive to see that the match thrives well.
Pisces – Leo compatibility score: 25%
Virgos are well organized and systematic individuals. They are thoroughly opposed to Pisceans who revel in their dream worlds and are never woken up to the realities of life. Pisceans give up their responsibilities and stay within the closed shells of their individuality. Virgos can put in some effort to make the Pisceans understand how to be practical and assume responsibilities in life. One good thing about their match is that they both are very tender and do not think of a lavish life. In this way, they are compatible. However, lot of adjustments and understandings much go on to perfect their bond.
Pisces – Virgo compatibility score: 50%
Librans and Pisceans need to travel through a lot of hurdles if they come together in a marital bond. Pisceans are highly sensitive and adamant. They want to be cared and protected by their soul mates. Librans are easy going and extroverts. They love outdoor life. They can never take up the responsibilities in the family. They feel the over sensitive Pisceans are a burden to their lives and feel they can never satisfy their needs. Qualities like warmth, creativity and passionate love unite both of them. However, they must learn to satisfy the other person to make a successful pair.
Pisces – Libra compatibility score: 25%
Both of them belong to water sings and are therefore highly compatible in their personality and approach towards life. Scorpions bubble with a lot of energy. They also possess a strong power of determination. On the downside, they are too much possessive and jealous. The highly generous and charming Pisceans will get hurt by the harsh comments that the Scorpions are prone to make from time to time. Scorpions must cultivate loyalty and empathy while the Pisceans must open their eyes to the needs of their Scorpion partners to see that their relationship thrives. Through some adjustments, they will find life highly peaceful.
Pisces – Scorpio compatibility score: 80%
Pisceans and Sagittarians are fun loving. They are also equally romantic. This love match is most likely to build castles in the air. They are highly compassionate and care for others. Hence they will accumulate a lot of friends. Sagittarians always burn with energy and passion. Pisceans are non-resistant. They are sensitive to their surroundings. Except on a few aspects, the compatibility of this pair is very poor. They need to cultivate a high degree of adjustments and understanding to get along peacefully in life.
Pisces – Sagittarius compatibility score: 15%
Despite having a lot of things uncommon between them, this pair is nevertheless a highly compatible one. They are like the river banks that never meet. However, they never enter into quarrels and run parallel to each other in their lives. Capricornians are practical people. However, Pisceans are day dreamers. Pisceans stay within the boundaries of their individual selves and do not bother about others. This pair needs to wait patiently for their relationship to mature into high degree of compatibility and see that they perform well in life. Once this is done, this is a highly compatible pair.
Pisces – Capricorn compatibility score: 85%
In the beginning, both these zodiac signs are attracted towards each other and feel happy about the other person’s company. Pisceans always like to enjoy the proximity of the Aquarians and would like their partner to care for them the most. The Aquarians are strong freedom lovers and will hate to be confined within the boundaries of family life. Aquarians are irritated to find a highly sensitive partner who will complain everything in their relationship. Pisceans want a strong soul mate and this is not a compatible pair.
Pisces – Aquarius compatibility score: 25%
The compatibility of this match is fantastic since both of them share several qualities in common. They are highly lovable people and find a great solace in each other’s company. They will have a lot of fun and excitement in their life. Together they will love to make a team to help others in life. Both are dependent on the other and will understand the other person’s needs very well. One downside to their union is that both of them are weak and therefore will find it difficult to combat the problems of life and overcome their sensitive nature. If this is overcome, this can be the perfect match.
Pisces – Pisces compatibility score: 82%