Libra Woman

The Libra Woman

The Libra Woman, she is literally royalty personified. An epitome of justice, balance and fairness, this lady is highly responsible compared to most signs of the zodiac. Her charisma and captivating appearance makes it fairly easy for her to draw people towards herself.

Libra Woman in Sexuality

A Libra Woman generally goes the extreme ways when it comes to sexuality. On side she confidently portrays her sexual moves and on the other hand she becomes submissive and insecure about her own sexual feelings. She can become low on self-esteem on numerous occasions which can make her partner disrespect her sometimes. But if she has the right partner who understands her feelings, she will go on an experimental spree, try out innovative things and communicate freely about her desires and aspirations.

Libra Woman in Relationships

She is caring, mature, sometimes irrelevant and moody. Basically, be prepared to expect anything when you are in a relationship with a Libra girl. Her partner needs to understand her deeply and intimately because she will hardly express her innermost feelings to anyone. But all said and done, she is extremely passionate, loyal, and committed towards people whom she genuine cares about.

Libra Woman in Love

When in love, the Libra girl generally has the tendency to foresee her partner as weak and submissive. Time and again, these girls have a tendency to question their role and presence in a particular relationship. However there is nothing to get worried about because this mindset will prevail only till she gets serious about her partner. There is nothing called as a middle thing for this girl. If she is serious about she will want to marry you or else she will never get serious about you.

Libra Woman in Compatibility

A Gemini man is an ideal match for the Libra girl. Both are extroverts, extremely social, outgoing and love to broaden their social circle. A Gemini man fulfils the Libra woman’s need for romance, mental stimulation and fairness. Both being fickle minded this couple sometimes faces difficulties with decision making.

Libra Woman in Career

For a Libra woman a peaceful work environment is essential. Thus, they don’t prefer jobs that are full of risks, safety hazards or appear messy in general. Their ideal workplace would be one where there is peace and tranquility, with soft, soothing music playing in the background. A Libra woman does extremely well in the role of a career counselor. In this role, she gets to use her people skills, explore various possibilities and help in the decision-making process. These ladies are also very good at interviewing and analyzing information. This role allows them to perform these two tasks day in and day out.

Libra Woman in Business

The Libra lady’s affinity and love for art makes her a good art dealer. In fact, in this role, she makes an excellent businesswoman who possesses an impeccable taste. These women hold the innate capability to judge good quality and excellent beauty and are able to effectively understand what the buyers need.