Libra Man

The Libra Man

Just like his sun sign, the Libra man is also extremely balanced as an individual. Personifying a partnership of equality and justice, this man is utmost objective when it comes to all life’s dealings.

Libra Man in Sexuality

Whenever the Sun is occupying a good position in his charts, the Libra man is one of the best kinds of lover. Since this man is ruled by Venus, he is utmost caring about his partner’s needs and truly loves to satisfy each of her wishes. If the astrological chart of a Libra man shows a strong affinity towards Saturn, then this man is sure to be stiff, cold, and strict. This can even lead to impotency and make it difficult for him to express his sexuality in a meaningful way.

Libra Man in Relationships

He is a man who gets easily hurt and can be emotionally very draining to deal with. When his ego is hurt, the Libra man can act like a stubborn child and his partner will need to invest a lot of time in coaxing and loving him to bring him out of this emotionally sensitive situation. On the flip side, once committed to a relationship, the Libra man will give it his heart and soul, so much so that, he will completely forget about himself and his aspirations.

Libra Man in Love

He is classy, tactful, well-dressed and immaculately groomed. In most cases, he falls for a partner who is exactly opposite to him. And when this happens, most of the time, he will land up telling his partner how to dress and carry herself which may not be very well received by her. The Libra man always wants to be looked at, cherished, cared for and loved in public.

Libra Man in Compatibility

The Libra man makes a dashing pair with a Gemini woman. This partnership shares a physical, mental and emotional chemistry with one another. Sexually vibrant, this sun sign duo is truly made for each other. They only need to ensure that they keep their problems and differences at bay through their maturity and understanding.

Libra Man in Career

The Libra men are generally good in overall management of affairs. They make successful judges, advocates, fashion designers, beauticians, fashion models, air hostesses, sculptors, cartoonists, and photographers. This man’s constant endeavor is to make people happy and make a living out of it. Holding a knack towards understanding the finer details of the mind, they make great mind readers too.

Libra Man in Business

The Libra man generally find fancy towards business endeavors that provide pleasure and comfort to people. Their artistic qualities help them create beautiful and pleasing environments thereby making them great hosts to their family members and business partners. If the Sun is strong in a Libra man’s charts he will do well in gold dealerships, travelling related business etc. The Libra men generally face hurdles if they gets involved in the government or government related endeavors.