2019 Libra Love Horoscope

Jan 01, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019
The year 2019 brings mixed results for Librans for their love relations. Where singles will sail in tranquillity of love there married ones will face some hiccups.During this year your emotions are at a very high level expanding your mind and imagination. [Thus this year favours artists or people related to drama or films].

Your intuitive powers are also stimulated. You are receiving best lights from cosmos so that you find yourself at the right place at the right time. Your personality is now soft and receptive thereby attracting others to your side naturally. You are now tuned into your imaginative and emotional side. This is very good year to improve your personality and looks. Possibly you may go for new outlook or do something that others itself look and appreciate a new change within you. A new persona is exhibited that attracts pleasant unusual circumstances or people into your life. So this year on the whole is positive of singles to find a suitable partner. In any sense you will not spend the year end alone.

But it is almost hectic for married couples. Mind yearns for peace but difficult to be in sync with partner especially if you are already going through tough phase in relationship. You or your partner will feel suffocated and often either of you can hear demanding space. You will feel restless. Responsibilities may seem to be burden. You may also assess the mistakes and promises of the past and their validity in the relations. Freedom within relationship or from relationship are two different things. Where there is freedom within relationship then the bond between you two becomes stronger but when one of the partner is demanding freedom from relationship then the things may get sour. Whatever the case may be – it is going to be a year that delivers change in equation in relationship. It is not difficult to amend the things – but think deeply- whether you really want amendment or change. Avoid listening your ego just go by your heart. Avoid hasty decisions. Meditate and you will find your solution.

Libra Horoscope - Love and Relationship

Natives born with Libra Sun Sign are good at seducing the opposite sex. Flirting comes naturally to them. But if partners exhibit patience and maintain their cool these natives will work till last breath to make relationship last long. To make the relationship lively they will not mind to woo their partner’s even after years of marriage. Uncomfortable with arguments, they can adapt, adjust and compromise to maintain peace. They are cheerful, romantic, passionate and of adjusting nature. They normally enjoy most in the company of opposite sex. They love and adore their partners. Emotional, extravagant and amiable, they are good at forgiving and forget. They provide the family with all comforts, luxuries and necessities of life. They are fair minded people but avoid anything that is grim, crude or vulgar. For their wrongs they will not take a second to apologize. But when let loose, they leave nothing unsaid. Arguments upset them.
Libra Parent
Libran parents like to play with children in joyful environment. They discipline the child with affection and compassion rather than following strict parenting pattern. They set targets for their children and aspire that the children should achieve them onto level of perfection.
Libra Children
Libran children are quick to learn. They leave no single chance to impress others. They need love and affection to excel in life. They learn mainly through social environments where principle of cooperation and team work prevails.
Below are different possible pairing of Libra Sign
Libra and Aries Compatibility
This is a good match as at times they are immediately attracted towards each other and at times differences arises between them immediately. Libra is romantic, charming, sociable, idealistic and easily influenced by others; Aries is energetic, confident, dynamic, courageous and selfish. Libra is peaceful while Aries is fun loving. Aries is easily attacked by Libra's emotions. Aries is tactless in the eyes of Libra and Libra is running away from the facts according to Aries.
Libra and Taurus Compatibility
Their relationship works well financially as they had strong desire for the things which money can buy. Both love music, appreciate the good things in life and are easy going. Libra is self-indulgent, sociable and diplomatic; Taurus is jealous, secretive and home loving. Libra hates dominating nature of Taurus and quickly looses patience over him. But still Taurus is impressed by Libra's sociable attitude and Libra with Taurus patience and loving attitude.
Libra and Gemini Compatibility
The relationship is rewarding and ideal for these two mates. Both are loving, communicative, intellectual, lively and fun loving. Lots of discussion takes place between these two couples and both enjoy in the company of each other. They are not deeply passionate but they have lots of fun together. Both are tactful and know how to use each other. The relationship between them is much more romantic than intense.
Libra and Cancer Compatibility
The Air sign and Water sign doesn't make a successful match for long life settlement. Libra is least emotional and Cancer is governed by powerful emotions. Libra is indecisive, peaceable, diplomatic and romantic; Cancer is moody, cautious, loving and imaginative. Cancer loves being at home but Libra hates being tied down. Libra's considerate nature and love showing way impress Cancer.
Libra and Leo Compatibility
Both of them together makes a good match as they share a love of luxury, going to parties and creating a beautiful home for them. Leo is expansive, broad-minded, faithful and pompous; Libra is diplomatic, sociable, idealistic and indecisive. Tactful Libra knows how to deal gracefully with sensual Leo. Leo makes sometimes Libran's life spicy and colourful.
Libra and Virgo Compatibility
This is one of the best match for a Libran. Their love relationship has a short life. Librans always make one feel better for having been with them. Virgo is very serious about love, as they are emotionally cold. Libra easily copes up with Virgo's criticisms. Virgo hates to show off but Libran loves it. Virgo is impressed by social nature of Libran. Virgo is shy and secretive but Libra is straightforward.
Libra and Libra Compatibility
The Libra duo share positive vibes which often lead to an instant attraction. Being easy going personalities they go out of their way to please one another always remaining loyal and faithful. They avoid conflict at any cost and both of them together could allow a problem in a relationship to fester, ignoring it and eventually creating a wide rift between the pair. They will need to openly discuss issues that affect them if they want this relationship to last. The relationship between two Libras is though one of the most well balance relationships of the zodiac. Neither will try to dominate the other and both will always listen and give their full support to their partner. They both believe in fairness and justice and often you will find them fighting for causes and supporting charities when they team up.
Libra and Scorpio Compatibility
Combination of Water and Air sign can work well only if some factors are in their favour. Libra's romantic and sociable nature wins Scorpio's heart. Libra can't bear Scorpio's moody, emotional, touchy and short-tempered attitude. Libra's diversion attitude helps him to fly away from Scorpio's net. Librans are best in sorting out the difficulties arising in their relationship.
Libra and Sagittarius Compatibility
The relationship is delightful, jovial, fun and pleasure loving. Both loves good things in life, and are highly romantic, affectionate, easy-going and do not take things seriously. They are careless enough in spending money. Sagittarius blindly optimistic attitude sometimes hurts Libran. Sagittarius is attracted towards Libran affectionate and intellectual attitude and Libra is drawn by Sagittarius eagerness and adventurousness.
Libra and Capricorn Compatibility
The relationship is either extremely successful or unsuccessful in this case. Capricorn is hardworking and he hates lazy and easy-going ways of a Libran. Libra needs flattery but Capricorn hates it. Capricorn loves to be alone and is comfortable with few friends only but Libra has a social attitude and loves to enjoy in groups. The relationship goes well only when both has a good understanding power.
Libra and Aquarius Compatibility
As soon as Libra and Aquarius passions meet spark will fly. They both love life and together will often seek excitement and adventure. Best friends and lovers they will always find ways of doing fun stuff together. Problems may arise as Libra tries to dominate over the more airy Aquarius who does not like to feel restricted in any way. Some compromise may be needed from both sides in this relationship. Libra who is more family orientated and home loving may also want to settle down sooner than Aquarius whereas Aquarius tends to be slower to commit. Libra can bring balance to the life of the Aquarius and Aquarius knows how to keep the romance and passion alive which can keep this relationship strong for a long time.
Libra and Pisces Compatibility
Both partners are alike to each other and so they make a wonderful match together. Both are very romantic and affectionate and very easy to get on with. Pisces is little dominating, emotionally demanding and needs attention but Libra is fun loving, often insincere and gregarious. But still they do well together, as there is reasonable balance between them.