2019 Libra Finance Horoscope

Jan 01, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019
There may be a slight uneasiness at workplace even though your superior and coworkers will extend their full support to you. There may be some ups and downs in income and most of your money may go into settlement of dues. You may start to plan and execute your scheme with precision and with a strict control on finance.

During the months of May to July 2019, you will have the opportunity and possibility of settling old debts or avoiding creating new ones. The work related to government will be completed successfully. The immigration and related issues will also be favorable. Those who are looking for a change in job the best period for this will be in the months of April to September 2019. It is the moment for increase in your bank balance and to claim money people owe you. In the second part of 2019 you will continue to show forward movement in your professional life. Your hard work and struggle to improve your career and business will show some remarkable results during the last part of year 2019