Libra Compatibility

Sitting in the seventh position of the zodiac chart, Libra is a unique sign. Like the two sides of a physical balance, Librans are also dual in their thinking and personality. They are highly introverts and like to socialize. Often escaping into mood swings, they can never stay balanced and keep moving up and down like the physical balance. Moved by a sense of justice and fairness, they harmonize their surroundings without conflicts and disagreements. They are highly empathetic individuals and voluntarily help others during need. They lack the power of judgment and often need external help and support to decide on things. Here we analyze the compatibility of Libra with all the twelve zodiac signs.
Librans and Arians are attracted to each other with a strong emotional bond. Arians are not careful in taking decisions. Librans always take enough time to weigh the pros and cons of each aspect to decide. Libran always respects the opinion of others. On the other hand, Arians are least bothered about what others say and wish to follow their own ideas and views. They must try to overcome these basic differences in order to be a successful match.
Aquarius – Aries compatibility score: 50%
Taurians and Librans wish to keep themselves away from conflicts and enjoy a peaceful life. The common qualities they share with each other include gentleness, compassion and an amiable nature. But many times things might go wrong which should never be a matter of concern. Librans are highly sociable. This nature irritates the Taurians who like to be calm and composed. The Librans are highly diplomatic and this will result in some quarrels between them. There is a good amount of compatibility between them in terms of looking forward to enjoy the luxuries of life and be romantic to the core.
Libra – Taurus compatibility score: 25%
Librans and Geminians are both outgoing and robust. A Libran is always empathetic towards his beloved ones. He is ever prepared to help others during trouble and need. They do not have many differences between them. They have lesser frictions and can get along so well easily. The Libran is highly passionate and will meet the needs of the Geminian in a highly positive way. They like each other’s company and never bored. Most times they engage in intellectual discussions and move along happily in life.
Libra – Gemini compatibility score: 80%
Librans have a cheerful disposition and like to enjoy the most of life. On the other hand, the Cancerians are moody and emotional. Their needs and expectations are different from each other and therefore they might not be able to fulfill what the other person wants from them. While Cancerians choose to remain indoors and enjoy the comfort of the family life, the Librans are outdoor lovers. They socialize with people and cannot be confined to the boundaries of family life. Cancerians want a lot of affection d care from their partners, while Librans feel it a burden to meet such expectations. This is very tough match.
Libra – Cancer compatibility score: 15%
Librans and Leos have complementary nature. Therefore they can make a very good pair. They both are extroverts and like to socialize outdoors. They are highly romantic and love each other passionately. Together they can face adverse situations with ease and emerge successful as a team. Together they like to move around enjoying parties, long drives and gatherings. So, they will find their life a happy going one with few disputes and problems.
Libra – Leo compatibility score: 85%
Librans and Virgos possess highly different temperaments and therefore have troubles understanding each other. Their relationship has to face too many ups and downs on the move. Virgos are for domestic life. They never like to socialize. On the other hand, Librans are always outgoing and like to meet new people and make friends with them. They must sort out the basic differences in their temperaments and understand each other to be successful as a pair in wedded life.
Libra – Virgo compatibility score: 25%
Librans are always cheerful. They are highly compassionate and polite in approach. They have an attractive personality and can mesmerize people with their speech and actions. They are however very sensitive and cannot take concrete decisions. They are also subjected to severe mood swings. They like artistic life and like to enjoy participating in intellectual pursuits. If the Librans manage their mood swings and learn to balance well in life, the relationship can be wonderful.
Libra – Libra compatibility score: 82%
Librans are highly intelligent. They are charming and thoroughly easygoing individuals. Librans however do not like to make commitments. They want a carefree life and like to flirt. When they show love, they are truly genuine. Scorpions are on the other hand highly stubborn and determined in nature. Librans need to learn how to stay serious in life and meet the expectations of their partners. Both of them like to take up challenges and risks in life. So, their union will never be a boring one. Though they have contrasting qualities, they can work out mutually beneficial adjustments to sort out the differences and get along well.
Libra – Scorpio compatibility score: 25%
Sagittarians and Librans have a wonderful bond characterized by a high degree of compatibility. Librans are bent upon maintaining harmony and balance. Sagittarians are highly intelligent and wish to make a lot of fun. Librans on the other hand have an oscillating mind and keep shifting between one phase of emotion to the other under severe mood swings. They oscillate between joy and sorrow and confidence and nervousness. Sagittarians are simple, introverts and genuine. They can render a great support to the Sagittarians from behind to achieve their goals in life. They can make up a good team to enjoy a happy life.
Libra – Sagittarius compatibility score: 85%
Librans and Capricornians do not have many things in common. Librans are open minded and like to socialize with others enjoying an easy going outdoor life. Capricornians are introverts and like to confine themselves within the portals of family life. Capricornians are highly sincere in their disposition and will find it difficult to express their feelings. Their love match requires a lot of understanding, patience and adjustments to be successful.
Libra – Capricorn compatibility score: 15%
This is an amazing pair as these two partners share a lot of similar qualities. They both love to move around socializing with people and make new friends. However, often the Aquarians are prone to touch the emotional side of the Librans when facing anger or frustration. For the success of their relationship, Aquarians must guard themselves of this tendency and try to give their best to their Libran partner. Aquarians are highly sociable and love freedom like Librans. Therefore it is most likely that they will enjoy each other’s company without getting bored. They will enjoy a highly sensuous and compatible relationship.
Libra – Aquarius compatibility score: 80%
Astrology says Librans and Pisceans cannot make a good pair. They will have to face a lot of confusions and complications in their relationship. Pisceans expect their partners to care for them. The easy going and extrovert Librans will find it difficult to understand he emotional needs of their Piscean partner and therefore will find it difficult to meet their expectations. However, they will share the qualities of warmth, creativity and passion. In order to stabilize their relationship, they both must render the necessary support to the other partner.
Libra – Pisces compatibility score: 25%