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Libra Career Horoscope

Libra in one Line - Charming, diplomatic, aggressive and manipulative

Inborn Desire - To unite

For a career-minded Libra, maintaining harmony among peers and seniors at the workplace is of utmost importance. Being just by nature, they make good leaders and work hard to deserve the privileges they love. Social creatures, they succeed in partnerships as well. They are gifted with great oratory skills and persuasive and creative too. They are good diplomats and excel in group settings. They maintain a good balance between saving money and spending money as well.

Libra Horoscope - Career

With ability to cut through the competition, natives born under Libra Sun Sign can excel in any field. They have well developed taste and love for aesthetics. Often they are not comfortable working alone. They excel in working as a team. They believe in fair play and sense of justice. Any injustice can make them upset. They do not believe in heated discussions but they try to bring compromise in controversial matters. They are good advisories with correct forethought. Their brilliance lies in arbitration. Balancing information, liaising and bringing fractions together, is their forte. Their power of persuasion is excellent. When these people start their career they soon rise up the ladder invariably dealing with people at high level.
Suitable profession and professional fields
The suitable professional industries for them include law, fine arts, gold, silver, space, aeronautical, hydro electric system, navy, food processing, cattle, grain, fruits, vegetables, textiles, transport, rubber, plastics. They can excel as property valuators, veterinarian, graphic artists, set designer, image consultant, dress designer, hair dresser, beautician, model, judge, lawyer, actor, musicians, writers, salesman, director, physician, advisor, diplomats, chemist, painters, engineers, architects, art dealer, editor, liaison officer, landscape designer, graphic artist.
Librans are liberal at spending money. This is one major reason for them being in debts, despite good financial planning. Librans invest wisely and carefully with long term planning. They like to spend on luxury and quality. They are aggressive in taking financial risks and so lose a lot by ignoring practical aspects in such ventures. They often flourish in joint ventures. They excel in other aspects such as in matters of reasoning, logic, foresight and judgment. Others look upon them for guidance and correct decisions. Blessed with good monetary status, comfortable home and good conveyance, they also donate for good causes. They are generous and liberal.
Children born with Libra Sun sign can be indecisive at times. At a young age, they are prone to show tantrums. Young children work hard in the subjects of their liking. To guide them in right direction sometimes extra provoking is needed. At a later stage, they exhibit abstract thoughts and discerning judgments. With too much flair for social life, they tend to ignore their studies. The results in such case are often disappointing. It is therefore very important to make them disciplined in life.
Discussed above are general professional behaviour of Libra born individuals. But it has been observed that within the Libra sign only, if an individual is born between specific degree range - he or she is marked by characteristics and profession. Some of these are mentioned as-
Natives Born between 1 to 3 Degrees of Libra Sun sign
Filled with the spirit of watchfulness, curiosity, exploration they excel in life as geographers, philosophers and the fields associated with the same.
Natives Born between 3 to 6 Degrees of Libra Sun sign
Watchful to hostile criticism, opposition, competition, aggressiveness, novelty, awe, wonder and sudden change they excel in life sailors, soldiers, teachers, philosophers and spiritual leaders.
Natives Born between 6 to 9 Degrees of Libra Sun sign
Individuals born under Libra Sun Sign, belonging to this group can excel as mathematicians, jockeys and are fond of creating and solving riddles, puzzles and games.
Natives Born between 9 to 12 Degrees of Libra Sun sign
Blessed with the ability of planning, diplomacy, tactile sensation they can excel as magicians, generals, novelists, actors, dramatists and diplomats
Natives Born between 12 to 15 Degrees of Libra Sun sign
With interests in psychology, mysteries, reformation, attainment of luxuries these individuals can excel in life as doctors, psychologists, seed merchants, pearl and fish gathering or culturing, indigo planters and orators.
Natives Born between 15 to 18 Degrees of Libra Sun sign
Moved by strong desires, constructiveness, predictions, lust, hunger, thirst, gluttony, drunkenness there people excel in life as workers in iron and steel industry, coach or carriage makers, musician, architects, civil engineers, surveyors, astrologers, coal and gold miners, sugar merchants.
Natives Born between 18 to 21 Degrees of Libra Sun sign
Blessed with attraction, manufacturing spirit, attraction and repulsion, they excel in life as builders and carpenters, hypnotists, electrician, manufactures or stock brokers.
Natives Born between 21 to 24 Degrees of Libra Sun sign
With interests in farming, painting, growth and rhythm they can excel in life as farmers, painters, musicians, house agents, timber merchants, rubber growers and tobacco cultivators.
Natives Born between 24 to 27 Degrees of Libra Sun sign
Connecting with love for plants and various phases of plant growth, they excel in life as gardeners, botanists, engineers, anthropologists, astronomers and psychologists.
Natives Born between 27 to 30 Degrees of Libra Sun sign
Keeping with the principles of promise, originality, compromise, uniqueness these individual excel in life as politicians and innovators.