Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo Sun Sign - Zodiac Signs
Off to a mediocre start—that is what January will bring in for the Leos out there. You will have major improvements on the stamina bit of your personality. You will have a little discomfort at home but overall, matters such as those related to inheritance and the like will clear off soon.

For all the Leos, the best thing to know is that on January 27th, you will have the Venus Mars conjunction happening in the 8th House. However, on the love front, you might not get great results this month, make sure you steer clear of being aggressive in January lest you lose out on a stable relationship. There could be blockades in the way of new plans and this can be attributed to Saturn’s transit on January 26th in the 5th house.

Leo Monthly Horoscope for Career:

 Career wise you will see growth and new inroads. You will also get new influx in terms of work and you will be satiated with your work performance. Make sure you give your business establishment goals a thought this month and with the stars in favour, the right efforts will yield great results.

Leo Monthly Horoscope for Love and Marriage: 

Someone who likes you might approach you for a relationship this month. You might not actually benefit by turning him or her down. You will most likely end up all romantic with this person later on. January is a healthy month for relationships you already have, made sure you give your partner space. Keep working your way in the relationship by letting anger away. Your marriage too will see a lot of confusions of late but use communication to erase these out.

Leo Monthly Horoscope for Money & Finance: 

January is a great month for matters of money too. You will see a ruse in income as well as a gradual propensity to spend on luxury items. Speculative activities and investments will see better returns than ever. Those who are part of business will have to avoid beginning new deals after 27th of this month.

Leo Monthly Horoscope for Health and Family: 

You health might see some off-turn. Your old diseases might trigger issues. Your family will be with you though and you will sail through this quickly.

Pay attention to health, family and money as the year begins. There will be betterment across all aspects but then again, it is better to stay tuned in and watch your step first.