Leo Woman

The Leo Woman

Call her a tigress or a lioness, but when this lady roars, the whole world listens. You can easily identify her in a crowd just look for the area where you are hearing the maximum laughter and the loudest cheer. Ruled by the Sun, this beautiful lady demands all attention and thankfully gets it too. Don’t allow her to lose her cool; else she can get very nasty and difficult to manage. When you catch her in a fiery mood, shower her with many accolades or spoil her to the core with many interesting gifts and she will be just fine.

Leo Woman in Sexuality

Think of sexuality and she is one of the most liberated on this front. When it comes to sex, she is imaginative, creative and highly confident. She loves herself and enjoys flaunting her attractive assets to woo her partner and make him weak in his knees.

Leo Woman in Relationships

It is definitely not easy to be with a Leo woman. She expects a lot from her partner and wants him to commit completely to her wishes and aspirations. She too is highly committed to him and typically never goes astray. Once she decides on what she wants, there is no looking back from there on. Can’t call her stubborn but she is intolerant towards her partner’s irresponsibility and lack of respect.

Leo Woman in Love

You better treat this woman well else you are inviting trouble with a capital T. You may think that she is high maintenance but it’s actually her upbringing that’s making her behave in this particular way. Her man needs to make her feel loved and wanted and that can take a toll on him. She expects her partner to give utmost attention to his appearance just like she takes care of her own impeccable style.

Leo Woman in Compatibility

The best options for a Leo lady are Aries and Sagittarius. With an Aries man, the association is supercharged and can take these two love birds into exciting and adventurous voyages. Both are creative and extremely career-oriented. Both are also lovers of physical challenges and rigorous sports. In short, they have a steamy and passionate love encounter!

Leo Woman in Career

A Leo woman loves to take center stage, so she is sure to do well as an actor. Whether in private or under a public scanner, a Leo woman is bound to entertain and engage everyone around her. She has a huge heart and can make a good cardiologist too. These girls hold the innate ability to understand this vital organ and its supporting circulatory system.

Leo Woman in Business

Gold is a metal of the Sun and thus a profession like a goldsmith or jewelry designer is sure to catch the fancy of a Leo lady. No one roars better than a Lion thus a Leo lady who is a publicist is definitely someone to watch out for. They enjoy the attention that they get by working in this business and it boosts their confidence because they get a chance to keep things under their control.