Leo Marriage Horoscope

Be ready to live the life of your dreams this year, dear Leo. Finance, growth, and opportunity wise things are on the upsurge this year for the natives of this sun sign. 2018 marks the movement of Saturn from Scorpio to Sagittarius, which will have an influence in your house of children and investments. Things may be slightly slow, but that will benefit you. This year also promises to bring the desired elevation in life and by the end of the year; you will find yourself in a promising position, one that you dreamt of for yourself. Continue to be that fearless king (red Lion) and you definitely look to be unstoppable!

Pleasant Love Life

As per your horoscope, the first three months of 2018 are looking great. Be prepared, you are going to get many opportunities to enjoy some precious moments with your soul mate. Intense arguments cannot be ruled out but with the positive influence of your stars in your horoscope, love will seem to overcome every hurdle and obstacle. High levels of understanding, commitment and companionship cannot be ruled out for you, dear Leo. All year around, you will find it easy to express your feelings towards your partner which will benefit your marriage & relationships immensely. Spells of aggression and frustration are definitely there but don’t let these have an adverse effect on your marriage or other partnerships. Seek the support and understanding of your partner and they will be more than happy to help and assist you.

Ringing of Wedding Bells

If you are committed to someone, 2018 will help you on the marriage front, suggests your horoscope. The period after August looks promising to take the marriage vows. However, if you are single, the blooming of new found love cannot be ruled out during the last quarter of 2018. And this companionship definitely looks long term for the Leo.

Children and Family

Your horoscope warns you that 2018 may start with some issues on the children’s front and some dissatisfaction in family life. But after January till the mid of the year, things should stabilize and you can expect a calm and serene atmosphere in your marriage or personal life. Minor issues may crop up again after that till the end of October. You could also be travelling and may have to stay away from your family for some time this year. Children will perform brilliantly on the academic front and their results will be in sync with your expectations from them. Get ready for celebrations, the possibility of childbirth and a marriage cannot be ruled out this year. Fun times definitely lie ahead for the party animal, Leo!

Be sensitive

Dear Leo, be caring and sensitive towards your spouse this year. Some elements of stress can’t be ignored. Stay away from unnecessary arguments, suggests your horoscope. Solve any issues that may arise without leaving any room for bitterness to prevail. Never try to prove that you are better than your spouse. Someone close may try to impact your relationship negatively, so be watchful. You look to get ample support from your father. According to your horoscope chart, you will also get the right guidance from your Guru, since the spiritual aspect of your life is looking very promising.