Leo Man

The Leo Man

He is represented by the King of the Jungle so he ought to make noise when he makes an entry. It is extremely hard to miss a Leo man, as for him, actions always speak louder than words. He is warm, enthusiastic, and always on top of the world!

Leo Man in Sexuality

One of the most potent sun signs, the Leo man is extremely creative and experimental in bed. Though he quiet shy and traditional when it comes to matters close to the heart, he still prefers his partner to make strong and willful moves. The girl should pep him up; always speak of his magical abilities thereby giving a morale booster to his ego.

Leo Man in Relationships

A Leo man will make it a point to show you how gigantic, confident, and powerful he is in a relationship. Acting like a true hero, he will show off, give his girl a lot of attention and indeed make her feel like a Queen. After all he no less than a King himself!

Leo Man in Love

A Leo man will never settle down for a woman who is lost, confused, or low on self-esteem. Dating a Leo man is like dating a King – his love story is nothing short of a fairytale. While he is classy and pompous, he doesn’t like his girl to be shy or tender. To make each date successful with a Leo man, remember to strike many interesting conversations. The more you engage him the more he will love you and yes, don’t forget to praise him. A Leo man loves to be showered with numerous accolades!

Leo Man in Compatibility

A Leo man and an Aries woman make a deadly duo. Both are ambitious, passionate and possess the capability to kindle a fiery love between one another. Their sex life promises to be legendary and both generally feel the need to want one another more and more each day.

Leo Man in Career

Being a Lion, the Leo man will always want to hold positions of authority and power. A Leo man is dominating, dynamic, creative, and self-made. Thus, they do extremely well in professions like politics, auditing, investment banking, jewelry and gold dealers, theatre, ambassadors, film and drama directors or magicians. Mars in a Leo man’s chart makes him very enterprising and daring in politics. With the presence of Lord Saturn in his charts, he does very well in government related endeavors too.

Leo Man in Business

Born with a leadership streak, a Leo man is an inspiration to work with. While they are extremely royal, they are very sympathetic too. Give a Leo man a business to flourish and he will go all out to derive maximum progress out of it. They are insanely ambitious and hold immeasurable strength and stamina to take a task to completion. Detail-oriented and meticulous, there is hardly anything that misses a Leo man’s intuitive eyes. They are commendable risk-takers and enjoy the thrill of doing something crazy.