2019 Leo Love Horoscope

Jan 01, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019
This year gives mixed result where love relations are concerned. Your energy level is a bit unorganized or events would take shape like that require your urgent attention.

Depending upon how you are going in your love life and how much it is frustrated, the changes coming your way can undermine the foundations of your security in love relations. This is the indication of revolutionary changes that are necessary to bring continued growth. It will be difficult to resist the things entirely, although your tendency might be to desperately cling to the status quo.
There you are in need for peace and tranquillity and wish to have support from your partner. High energy level makes you to say without thinking resulting in hurting emotions of your partner. It is necessary to be flexible and take care of your partner as well. Domestic tranquillity will be at risk due to misuse of the verbal powers. You may tend towards impulsive actions and get yourself into needless arguments.
Circumstances spur you into action. Your more passionate nature comes to the fore. However, if you manage to control your impulsive actions then you are going to enjoy to fulfill the dreams in relationship. “Patience” is the keyword to maintain relations.
For singles this year suggests to tone down a bit. You could be a little too eager to impress others with an aggressive or inappropriate stance, or you may find yourself competing with others in unhealthy ways. You can easily rub people the wrong way and instigate conflicts. As long as you channel this excess energy constructively, instead of wasting your time arguing, you can accomplish much.

Leo Horoscope - Love and Relationship

Among all the Signs of Zodiac, natives born under the Leo Sun Sign are known as most loving and extremely faithful. They aspire for everlasting love and commitment. A fulfilling life sex and romance is essential for them. Looks are important for Leos. They want their partners to be at their best always. Leo avoids haste. They prefer gradual changes. Leos are faithful people. They are always conscious of their social standing and are chivalrous.They generally do not demonstrate their affection and love in public as they consider it below their dignity. They are passionate and of loving nature but rash in temperament. They command social and prominent position, and have everlasting love for their partner.They will never allow anybody to disrespect any member of their family. They cannot tolerate ill repute. If someone breaks their faith, chances are their that he or she will lose them forever. If one plays with their dignity, they might have to really entice hard to bring them back in routine life.
Leo Parent
Leo parents are known to be warm, playful and creative parents. They provide ample opportunities to child to explore and unleash the creativity. With this kind of parenting, children usually do well in life.They love their children and feel very proud of them. Children will be of independent views, dislike restrictions and may become nervous and restless. So they should rely on your children otherwise you may lose their confidence.
Leo Children
Children born under the Leo Sun Sign are blessed with a unique charm. Mostly loved by everyone, they might get spoilt at younger age. They will be good organizers , not arrogant, popular, good natured, obliging and affectionate, also courageous and confident to grow and shine in life. But they need proper discipline. Their ego and actions should be kept under check. A traditional school environment adds to their prospects at later age.
Below are different possible pairing of Leo Sign
Leo and Aries Compatibility
Ideal union for these two mates makes a wonderful relationship. They have similar interests and disinterest in any phase of life. Both want to be a leader and their ego's have a major clash between them. Each one should be ready to pander to the other's ego occasionally to keep the pace. Leo and Arien are emotionally attached to each other, which results in rewarding relationship.
Leo and Taurus Compatibility
Strong attraction between these two mates doesn't results in wonderful relationship. Both neither wants to move an inch as they are fixed at their decisions. Leo is spendthrift but Taurus is careful while spending money. Leo is too selfish to provide any type of help demanded by Taurus. Their personality clash with each other but their relationship can be successful if one is in support with another.
Leo and Gemini Compatibility
Good combination of Air and Fire sign as the mates will enjoy excellent social life, parties and lots of friends together. Their life is full of glamour, pleasure and fun. Leo's heart can easily be won by flattery and Gemini's light hearted approach towards love make Leo jealous sometimes.
Leo and Cancer Compatibility
Cancer is moody and Leo is perfectly able to adjust with him. Cancer needs relationship to be successful and intense but Leo needs excitement and fun in the relationship. Cancer is homeloving where as Leo wants to be out every time. But still their mixed signals makes the relationship successful, romantic and rewarding.Both get carried away by each other and appreciates each other positive qualities.
Leo and Leo Compatibility
Both are energetic, creative, romantic and full of joy and enthusiasm. The royal grand mating of the two mates as they are great lovers as well as great rivals. The combination is wonderful and compatible of two strong willed individuals. They had a good understanding power between them but both wants to dominate over other and this sometimes gives rise to difficult situation.
Leo and Virgo Compatibility
It's only one relationship that depends on the type of relationship it is. Virgo is conservative and nit-picker;Leo is extrovert and spendthrift. Virgo is unable to understand Leo but Leo is impressed by Virgo's intellectualism. To win's Vigoan's heart Leo needs lot of patience. Leo appreciates Virgo's cleverness and alertness and he also needs appreciation and flattery from his partner. Leo is the leader in the business and Virgo takes second place.The differences between this couple is much which should be sorted out to make the relationship better.
Leo and Libra Compatibility
The sun ruling Leo and Venus ruling Libra usually form a strong and luxurious aspect of relationship. They make a good combination when together as both are artistic, extrovert, extravagant and do not care for their money. Each wants to gets the attention of other. Leo's ego gets sometimes bolster by Libran who at times may be helped out by a Leo.
Leo and Scorpio Compatibility
Combination is very powerful between these two mates inspite of lot of indifferences between them. Marriage life is happy and successful but jealousy plays a major role between them. Leo doesn't like himself to be dominated by Scorpio. Scorpio hates show-off attitude of Leo. The relationship between these two shining and strong willed individuals is at extremes.
Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility
Combination of two Fire signs makes an excellent relationship between these two mates. Both had similar interests, likes fun, freedom and pleasure and are social in their nature. Leo is the one who can keep Sagittarius faithful. Both are good life partners and had a pleasant and fun filled life together. The only problem between them is both are dominant.
Leo and Capricorn Compatibility
Both partners are selfish and self-centred and wants to follow their own path. Lots of effort is necessary to make this relationship better. Capricorn is much careful when spending money but Leo is careless. Capricorn can't provide the affection and love demanded by romantic Leo. Both are almost opposite to each other and their relationship can work only when there is some willingness in them.
Leo and Aquarius Compatibility
Leo's ego often gets deflated by independent Aquarius. Both like to make friends, visit parties, be social and be in touch of different people. Leo wants to dominate always which makes Aquarius impatient and irritable. Leo's is drawn away by Aquarian good sense of humour. The pair of Sun and Uranus makes an excellent combination that caters to the public. It's not a dull relationship but it is full of excitement, fun, intensity as well as good uderstanding.
Leo and Pisces Compatibility
Firey Leo and Watery Pisces had an ability to learn from each other. They are quite different from each other starting from their personality to their behaviour. Both believes in giving rather than taking for themselves. Leo extrovert nature clashes with Piscean unwordly attitude. Piscean sensitiveness often stand as a obstacle in the way of active Leo. The relationship surprisingly goes well as one gets adjusted with other.