Leo Health Horoscope

Leo Health Horoscope shows that this is a dynamic year for the lions, ruled by the Sun, the king of planets and owner of the kingdom. Leo people are aggressive and sometimes they shows a very lean power of decision making, therefore, Leo astrology demands that they should try to be compassionate this year. The house of health and sickness is ruled by the Capricorn, Lord; Saturn. It is very well known in Vedic astrology about the bad and malefic aspect of Saturn and Sun. They are highly inimical to each other yet total analysis depends on the position of sun and Saturn in a horoscope.

Leo Health Horoscope for 2018 is indicating a healthy start of the year. There won’t be any major concern regarding health and diseases, yet transition of Saturn in your 5th house – Sagittarius – Lord; Jupiter will be beneficial for you from overall perspective. But you’ve to be careful about the symptom that need immediate action, don’t overlook any alarming symptom. It is best, if you avoid the food that can lead to skin diseases. 2018 will be bringing an interesting mix of good and poor health both for you. You won’t be ill severely but you may not be in a tip top position. Leo Health Horoscope demands a period of high and low energy in this year. Try to follow the proper and disciplined flow of life for the overall health and well-being.

The combination of the Sun, Venus and Saturn in the latter part of the year will be fruitful for you. You may be charmed by the good and shining health this year. Try to focus on the positive things in life and it’s better if you remain away from the negativity. Leo health astrology warns; don’t forget to remember your spiritual health for the better and positive life. Try to take advantage of high periods and get away at the earliest to grab the earliest opportunity. If you have low energy, then try to spend time on the spiritual practices such as meditation. A proper diet with exercise and yoga will do wonders for your health.

A stressful lifestyle, tension and emotional trauma can make Leo’s health running on a trolling wheel, so precaution is necessary. If you’re in love and emotionally disturbed then it’s the right time to look what is necessary for your life, its better if you take a break from your relationship and revise the existing relationship. Take some gap in between. Other ways of relaxing for Leo’s is through travelling and jogging. What about exercise, it’s necessary to do it regularly for the proper health as a very old dictum “Health is Wealth”. Leo’s will enjoy team sport, weight training and bodybuilding for the shining health. Leo’s are often social drinkers, so maintain a proper limit for the same because anything in excess can bring trouble for your health.

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